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Signs You Have to Go to an Eye Centre

Eye Centre

Eye care tends to get put on the backburner compared to other aspects of your overall health. While you might make sure to go for your annual physical, it is possible that you haven’t been to an eye centre in years. Skipping your eye appointments can prevent you from identifying problems early on when treatment tends to work better. You could also be placing yourself at risk for having an accident if you can’t see clearly enough to drive or read the labels on your medicine bottles. Taking care of your eyes is as simple as watching out for these signs that you need to arrange for an exam.

You Have New Headaches Around the Eye Area

Headaches can have many causes, and eye problems are a common reason to feel pain around the eye and forehead region suddenly. Vision-related headaches may feel similar to tension types since you may be using the same muscles to squint to see better. Eyestrain can be caused by too much screen time or a change in your vision prescription. Only your eye doctor can tell you if you need to update your glasses or contacts.

You Can’t Focus on Objects Even When You Squint

All of that squinting might not be helping you to see any better. People tend to experience changes in their vision after the age of 40 that may be different from what you have dealt with in the past. Your ability to see things up close may change. Scheduling an exam at the eye centre helps you find out if you need to use reading glasses now.

You Get Diagnosed With Certain Health Conditions

There are certain health conditions that also impact your eyes. Diabetes is one medical issue that can affect the way that blood flows through your eyes. High blood pressure can also cause you to be more at risk for certain vision conditions. Let your eye doctor know if you receive a new health diagnosis so that they can help you take steps to preserve your vision.

You See Flashing Spots or Floaters

Floaters are another one of those odd vision experiences that could be a normal part of ageing. You should be concerned if you are suddenly seeing large amounts of flashing spots or floaters if you have never experienced this before. This symptom is sometimes a sign of retinal detachment, which needs urgent professional attention.

You Have Difficulty With Night Vision or Driving

Your night vision is an excellent way to notice if you are having changes with your eyes since most people already see slightly less as well in the dark than they do during the day. If you notice that you cannot see street signs as well at night, then this could be a sign that you need to update your prescription for corrective lenses. Poor night vision can also be a symptom of cataracts and other eye health issues.

You Notice Increased Dryness of Your Eyes

Dry eyes can be caused by a change in your medications. People with certain health conditions, such as autoimmune disorders, may also have dry eyes as a symptom. Dry eyes may seem like a mere annoyance, but they leave you open to additional problems. Without enough moisture in your eyes, you might not be able to see properly through your contact lenses. You may also be at risk for issues such as tear duct infections and corneal scratches. Your eye doctor can help determine the reason for your dry eyes and prescribe an appropriate treatment to restore moisture to the delicate tissues.

Eye Centre

You Haven’t Had a Vision Exam In a Long Time

The average adult should see their eye doctor about every two to three years. You may need more frequent exams if you have a known eye health issue or if you suddenly develop new symptoms. Once you hit the point that you can’t remember when your last visit to the eye doctor was, it is likely time to schedule that appointment.

Your vision is too valuable to take for granted. As you age, your risk for certain eye conditions, such as glaucoma, goes up. You can also experience injuries and infections that need medical attention to prevent them from getting worse. Establishing a relationship with your eye doctor helps you know when to go to the eye centre for an exam that keeps your vision clear.

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