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7 Warning Signs You’re Mentally Exhausted

Moral exhaustion is an insidious state, fraught with negative consequences. It does not occur abruptly. It is impossible to wake up one morning and understand that you are exhausted, the burnout syndrome sneaks up gradually, which is why it can be difficult to recognize for a long time.

And yet, our body and mind are giving signals that cannot be ignored. All signs of mental exhaustion can be divided into three groups and correlated with the aforementioned states: physical and moral exhaustion, cynicism and detachment, an inferiority complex and failure.

Signs get worse as stress builds up. If some of these signs are common to you, it is worth analyzing the situation and getting off this crooked path before it is too late. Burnout is not a cold, it won't go away on its own. The sooner you recognize the danger, the easier it will be for you to cope with this condition.

Symptoms of Mental Exhaustion

#1 Intermittent, Shallow Sleep, Sometimes Accompanied by Nightmares

You fall asleep for a while, but in the middle of the night you start thinking over various disturbing things that will not let you get back to sleep. You may also have some dream visions of your unpleasant experience during the daytime that will also prevent you from having a proper rest.

#2 Appetite Problems

At the initial stage of burnout, a person stops feeling hungry, starts eating less, skips lunch or dinner. In the future, appetite may disappear altogether. However, there is the other side of the problem - having ceased to get pleasure and joy from work, a person tries to get them from something else, for example, from food. That's where cola and chips in front of the TVand long lunches with a change of dishes come from.

#3 Insulation

At first, you just don't want to leave the house, take part in any kind of activities. Sometimes you want to lock yourself in a room and not let anyone in. In the future, even the fact that someone just spoke to you begins to annoy you. You try to avoid any society. You stop answering calls and letters, often take sick leave or are deliberately late.

#4 Memory and Concentration Problems

You begin to abruptly forget some small details, you cannot concentrate on completing tasks, and you do not absorb new information well. The result is feelings of hopelessness and stupidity that affect your productivity.

#5 Depletion of Emotions

It seems that you have simply run out of all your spiritual energy. You don't want to be sad or happy. You don't care what the weather is, even your beloved cat has ceased to bring you the joy it used to. You no longer care about your favorite activities, everything seems gray and dull, there is a disregard for everything that happens around. You feel like a squeezed lemon. The whole world seems absolutely lame.

#6 Constant Fatigue

Moral exhaustion is most often accompanied by a decrease in energy and performance. It is as if you lack strength, you feel weakness and fatigue, moreover, more moral than physical. At the last stages of burnout, complete physical and psychological fatigue occurs, as a result of which you do not want to do anything at all. You want to sleep all the time and not think about anything. But even after a long sleep, fatigue does not go away. You still feel a lack of energy.

#7 You Get Upset over Trifles

A morally exhausted person is very vulnerable. Even the smallest failure can cause tears. It is easy to offend them, although the reason can be completely unfounded. You can set yourself up against friends and relatives. And then suffer, accusing others of callousness. Such a state of mind suggests that your nerves are completely exhausted. The source of irritability can be failure in work or personal life, feeling like you are not needed, and realizing that you are not as good as before. This attitude can destroy not only a career, but also a personal life.

What Are the Ways to Improve This State of Mind?

Meet New People

First of all, you need to diversify your everyday life, go out to people more often, have fun. Nice and sincere conversation with your closest people can significantly improve your state of being. Engage in new romantic relationships. Nowadays you don’t even need to leave your house to find a person you could give your love and affection and receive that vital life energy in return. Check out your bright mail order bride opportunities on

Spend More Time Outside

Walking in a park or forest can greatly improve your well-being. A walk in nature helps to calm down and relax; it does not require increased concentration and attention from us. In contrast to the city, when we have to constantly monitor the traffic, surrounding people, which forces us to be constantly on our guard.

Relax During the Day

And don't forget to take some moments of relaxation throughout the day. At work, set aside time for a leisurely walk in the fresh air or tea. At home, listen to soothing music, do yoga, and practice various breathing techniques.

Summing Up

You can get rid of moral exhaustion only when you take time to work on it. Do not go to extremes when mental exhaustion becomes a direct threat to your health. Monitor your state of mind and learn how to relax properly.

Karl Murphy

About the author

Karl Murphy is a professional journalist from Des Moines, Iowa. After obtaining his Master's degree, he's launched his career and over its course, Karl was contributing to the popular publications for men. He also develops his blog

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