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Side Effects of Far-Infrared Rays

Far-infrared rays are the exposure of a specific wavelength of sunlight for a prescribed interval of time to get rid of seasonal affective disorder, chronic pain, and other health conditions. Although this heat treatment is generally very safe and effective, but negative effects may occur as a result of high dosage.

 As a consequence of far-infrared heat therapy, excess dose and improper timing can cause various side effects in the human body such as headache, sleep disorder, irritability, muscle pain, and stress. A mild vision side effect is common but remit promptly. Therefore, the proper timing of infrared light and an appropriate dosage is essential to eliminate the occurrence of such side effects.

Sources of far-infrared radiation are infrared heaters, infrared lamps, infrared mats, and infrared saunas. These amazing devices are available on HealthyLine but their proper use is also very important to overcome negative effects.

Along with health benefits, far-infrared therapy also has some side effects which may affect your physical as well as psychological health. If you are not well aware of the major side effects of FIR rays then this article is the right place for you.

 Here some of the major health issues of using far-infrared rays are mentioned:

Effect on Pregnant women

Any harm to the developing baby in the mother’s womb will depend on the intensity of infrared light and radiation dose. If the therapy is not handled properly, it will cause serious side effects in the developing fetus and may result in:

  • Miscarriage of baby
  • Embryo fails to implant
  • Cancer in childhood
  • Congenital malformation in a child
  • Slow growth
  • Abnormalities in CNS

Skin damage

Far-infrared rays harm human skin. The long infrared wavelength of light heats up the skin and damages it, resulting in a wrinkled appearance. The FIR radiations release a harmful chemical into body cells. Some of which excrete through the skin while some remain inside the cells. As a result, rashes appear on the skin and dissipate with time.

A past study showed that human skin temperature can increase by more than 40oC under far-infrared radiation. Medical evidence, it is proved that exposure of human skin to chronic heat may cause alteration.

Cause dehydration

One of the side effects of using FIR heat is the loss of water from the body. As the radiations fall on the body, body temperature elevates which causes a decrease in water quantity in the human body. So, by using this therapy you can easily get dehydrated.

If you feel so, immediately exit the treatment. Drink plenty of water to become hydrated and cool yourself by taking a shower. In case of a severe attack, seek emergency medical treatment.

Cause cardiac discomfort

Humans are exposed to far-infrared radiations from the sun every day in the form of heat. Infrared saunas are one of the best FIR devices designed by Healthy Line. But experts warn about the possible side effects because of the thermal injuries caused by the long wavelength of far-infrared light. This heat injury occurs without any pain therefore, patients with severe heart problems and other health disorders should never undergo far-infrared therapy.

Of course, people are concerned about the harmful consequences of Far Infrared radiation. Who wants to try a therapy without finding out its side effects?

Moreover, experts warn patients in ignoring the use of medicines and treatments against the use of far-infrared therapy to treat chronic illnesses. This heat therapy will not help you in fighting your other health disorders. As far-infrared therapy has many health benefits but its research is far from complete. As a result, it should be considered a supplement to medical treatment for the time being, and other regimens should be followed as directed.

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