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Should I Use a Fat Burner?

Weight Loss

At some point in life, everyone has a special occasion approaching which comes with the added pressure of shedding a few pounds. While any body type can look good, being healthy is what is most important ultimately. Being underweight or overweight is never conducive to your well-being, which brings us to the common question, ‘how to lose weight?’

While exercise and healthy eating habits are clearly a go-to solution, at times, you just want to catalyse the process to get ready for an important event. If this is your consternation, you might be wondering how fat burners can help you reach your weight goals.

What are Fat Burners?

But before that, let’s talk a bit about what fat burners are and how they work in your body. Fat burning supplements aren’t new, but now a larger number of people are becoming aware of them and their scope in weight loss. Fat burners are designed with specific ingredients that help improve the metabolism and boost the body’s ability to burn fat. 

Benefits of Fat Burning Supplements

While every fat burner is different, some of the most popular fat burning supplements provide a number of benefits that we’re going to explore in detail. This will effectively answer your query, ‘should I use a fat burner?’

  • Helps Suppress Hunger

Hunger is the biggest impediment to weight loss.When you feel hungry, it can be very hard to control what you eat. This leads to snacking at odd times of the day and late at night, which can be a precursor to weight gain. Appetite suppression can be difficult to manage on your own, which is why you can look towards fat burning supplements. 

But how do they manage to do that? Our appetite signals our brain that it’s time to eat, and that’s when we feel hungry. In the same way, fat burning supplements make us feel full, resisting our urge to eat that chocolate bar or chow down on some chips. Fat burners act as appetite suppressors and have an impact on hunger hormones in our body like Ghrelin and Leptin. Fat burning supplements contain 5-HTP, which counteracts the hunger hormones mentioned above. Some fat burning supplements also contain Garcinia Cambogia extracts that have very potent hunger suppression abilities. In essence, fat burners help you feel fuller while consuming less calories

  • Increase Energy Levels

Weight loss can be an exhausting process. Since weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, it will take time, and most likely, you will feel drained of energy throughout the process. Of course, you’ll feel healthy, but that happens when the process is already underway. So how do you manage to exercise when your energy levels are at an all time low?

This is where fat burning supplements can really help you. Fat burners contain ingredients that act as natural energy boosters. The most common ingredient in fat burning supplements is caffeine, which is able to wake you up when your energy levels are at an all time low. 

With this burst of energy, you can even live a healthier lifestyle.When you take fat burning supplements in tandem with exercise, you’re able to lose weight faster than you would be able to otherwise. Fat supplements also contain Gamma-butyrobetaine or GBB also helps aid energy production. 

  • Helps Stabilize Mood Swings

How many of you experience mood swings when you’re on a diet? Mood swings are a common occurrence when you’re trying to control what you eat, and have to keep away from your favourite foods. This also happens with the lack of energy production in your body. Even if you have your hunger pangs in check, a sour mood can still obstruct your weight loss journey, making you feel less motivated. You might find yourself giving in to a candy bar to just feel better, and there goes your diet!

Fat burning supplements can come in handy here. Green tea is a common ingredient in fat burners. Green tea not only aids in the fat burning process, but also acts as a mood booster, something we all can make use of during a diet. Green tea extracts are able to stimulate the nervous system, and extract a mild discharge of dopamine, the feel good hormone. 

  • Helps Burn Fat

Lastly, we come to the most pertinent and obvious benefit of fat burning supplements. As the name suggests, fat burners catalyse the literal fat burning process in the body! The main benefit of fat burners is that they boost thermogenesis, which is basically the dissipation of energy through a product of heat in the body. As you know, thermogenesis is a part of the normal metabolic process. So when fat burners say they help boost thermogenesis, it means they will increase fat utilization and fat burning. 

Let’s shed some light on how fat burners are able to do this. 

Caffeine is able to assist the breakdown of fatty acids that are stored in our fatty tissues. The faster they enter our bloodstream, the faster the production of energy will be. 

Green Tea
Green tea is commonly used in diets. Green tea extracts in fat burning supplements are able to increase thefat burning thermogenic process. As green tea contains both caffeine and EGCC, it has natural fat burning properties. 

Pu-erh Tea
Pu-erh tea can aid in weight loss by promoting the hydrolysis of stored body fat while reducing the synthesis of new fat, as supported by the studies conducted by researchers. In addition to that, Pu-erh tea from Chen Sheng Hao can provide beneficial gut microbiota that can result in reducing body weight gain and fat accumulation in obese induced animal subjects.

L-carnitine is able to help your body convert fat into energy. This not only helps you lose weight, but also feel fresh and energized. 

Gamma-butyrobetaine or GBB
GBB is able to boost the production of L-carnitine in the body, which is able to convert fatty acids into fuel for the body. 

Should I Use Fat Burners?

If you want to suppress your frequent hunger pangs, catalyse weight loss and boost your metabolism and energy levels for a healthy and non-sedentary lifestyle, fat burners are the solution for you. Fat burning supplements can help you shed some extra pounds fast, without putting you in a bad mood or disrupting your sleep cycle. 


Fat burning supplements are very useful in helping the weight loss process. For most effective results, use them in conjunction with regular exercise. This way, you’ll be able to meet your weight goals in time for a special event or occasion or to just feel good about yourself.

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