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Health Talk: 5 Things You Should
Know About Liposuction

about liposuction

Are you still conscious of your body for an upcoming event like a wedding or prom and bothered that you’ll be the talk of the crowd because of your revealing flabby belly and sagging arms? Or worse, your ultimate crush approaches you and starts a conversation while you’re having a hard time sucking the air just to flatten the bulging belly? Worry no more because liposuction will take you out of that situation!

Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic procedure among all cosmetic surgeries. It’s the instant go-to procedure for individuals who aren’t confident and comfortable about their bodies’ shape. However, there are still people who are afraid of the surgery due to a lack of knowledge about liposuction. Hence, to enlighten you about this procedure, we reveal the things you should know about liposuction below!

1. Ultrasound and Laser Technology Procedures

Like any other surgical procedure, traditional liposuction or tumescent liposuction needs several small incisions to specific parts of the body. The cuts are used as the entry points of hollow tubes that dislodge massive fats through pumping back and forth. But, innovations in cosmetic surgery made liposuction procedures easier, such as ultrasound and laser technologies.

Ultrasound and laser-assisted technology procedures have been more convenient methods of liposuction. Similar to the traditional approach, your doctor creates some cut as an insertion point. But the difference is that it uses heat from the ultrasound and laser to dislodge the fat and uses a vacuum to take out the body’s deposits. And if you’re living near Paramus, New Jersey, Dr. Breslow's procedure will give you the best liposuction result!

2. Best Liposuction Result Needs Firm and Elastic Skin

Built-up for months or years, the fat deposits have been a part of your body, which gradually stretches your skin. It’s evident and visible to specific parts of your body like arms and belly, which most often draw people’s attention. Now that you’re in an age where everything can be in an instant, your problem can be solved through liposuction. But to get the best result, you must have a firm and elastic skin.

Indeed, the skin is one of the primary considerations of liposuction. With that said, cosmetic surgeons suggest that having a firm and elastic skin contributes to the operation’s integral result. This type of skin makes it easier for the body to get the body’s right tone and shape.

3. It isn’t a Weight Loss Procedure

Regular exercise is probably the best routine to get rid of fats and maintain physical fitness. It’s a healthy yet money-conserving way of discarding excess body fats and impurities. However, if you’re timid and don’t seem to like being drenched in sweat, your last result is to have a liposuction procedure.

Although liposuction removes the excess fat deposits in your body, remember that it isn’t an instant weight loss procedure since its primary aims are to contour and reshape a specific part of your body that seems off. Further, some fats remain in your body, that if you continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle, what you had paid for the operation would be worthless.

4. Beware of Risks!

You should always remember that surgical operations entail 50-50 chances, resulting in a good or wrong direction. Like any operation, liposuction surgical operation could badly go if mishandled by a doctor who has no credibility and skills. Therefore, to avoid further complications, this procedure must be done by a registered cosmetic surgeon to avoid complications.

In this operation, the skin is vulnerable to complications if the surgical procedure goes wrong. It can leave a massive scar, skin discoloration, and baggy skin unappealing to the eyes—also, these skin problems brought by mishandled operation cause low-esteem. Another worst-case scenario would be the occurrence of a blood clot or fat clot. It will travel in your veins and bloodstreams of your brain and lungs.

5. Fat Cells: The Potential Disease-fighting Cells

If you think that the fat deposits extracted from your body through liposuction are worthless, you are wrong! Scientists have proven that the fat cells in your neck, arms, belly, hips, and legs could potentially aid various diseases.

The fat cells obtained from the liposuction procedure are a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells. This stem cell can be used to create bone and cartilage, form muscles and tissues. Further, scientific studies suggest that mesenchymal stem cells can help people who are suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and neurological disorders.


Now that there have been numerous innovations in medicine, such as in technology and surgical procedures, removing what’s unappealing to the eyes and maintaining vanity can be achieved instantly.

Hence, with the emergence of liposuction surgical procedure, many people have an imperfect body shape and are thriving to gain confidence. Remember, risks could happen in this procedure. Therefore, seek a clinic and a doctor who professionalizes plastic surgery or dermatology.

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