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Should I Shave My Balls?

I have come across quite a lot of articles, opinions and talks about shaving of balls. Quite a lot are indifferent to shaving of balls or not shaving. They are at the crossroad of either bowing to the pressure of countless uninformative articles or not but after reading this article, you would be enlightened the decision would be clearer to make.

Before we begin, balls are a sensitive part of the male body system. A wrong touch or mishandling could cause an inherent damage and as such, it should be treated and handled with care. Hair growing around your balls are natural. Just like the wax in your ears, hairs around your balls are equally important. Taking this into consideration, you might be confused as to if hair around the balls is important, why they should I shave them? Well, it important to shave for some certain reason which would be explicitly highlighted in subsequent paragraphs but first, let me explain the significance of the attractiveness of your balls.

Many are of the opinion that balls are meant to be private and as such, shaving the hair around the balls is pointless but what they forget is that hair under your armpit is equally private so why shave it? It’s quite an easy equation. Hairs tend to be sharp as they grow and as such, having so much chunk of hair in your armpit could injure you. Same goes with your balls. Too much hair around it could injure your balls and any injury to the balls could prove fatal.

Quick fact check, do your balls increase to double of it’s original size during sex? do you know your balls produces about 200 million sperm cells per day?This directly means that your balls are responsible for increase of birth rate? Interestingly significant.

Now, maybe you have started shaving your balls, Congratulations to you. Maybe you haven't started yet, well, you need to do better. Shaving of balls is one of the characteristics of cleanliness and good hygiene. Wether you have started shaving or not, you need to understand the core benefits Associated with shaving of balls and these are highlighted below.


Statistics have show that women tend to enjoy sex better with partners with smooth balls. This was confirmed after an email interview in Netherlands, Italy, Spain, England and six other European countries with a sample of 5,000 women across them. It was discovered that during sex, hairy balls causes irritation to woman. It was further discovered that it doesn’t allow for smooth penetration as the hairy balls causes friction down the female genital organ.

This alone has confirmed how irritating hairy balls are during sex. Conclusively, the women were of the opinion that smooth balls make sex enjoyable and not irritating.


Lack of confidence is one the reasons some men do not shave their balls. Some set of men or boys are not proud enough of their gender. Sometimes, low self esteem is what prompts this act. They are pressured by the societal norms of let boys be boys and let men be men.


It’s a proven fact that hairy balls give bad odour and as such, odour destabilizes and also disorganizes the mood. Your frequency of taking your bathe as well as cleaning your balls does not change the fact the natural odour will return. Hair around your balls increases sweating and as such such, the chance s of increasing odour in your private areas doubles.

Consequently, shaving these hairs around your balls implies that you have taken away the source od the odour which is the first step and as a result of the elimination of the source of the odour, constant taking of your bath wouldn’t be needed any longer. Also, Elimination of the unwanted odour leads to better sex appeal.


Generally, grooming is advised. And how is grooming done?

This is started from shaving your balls. Do you know increasing hair around your balls consequently increases bacterial growth? This is because of the irritation caused by excess hair around your balls. Irritation as a whole in your body greatly reduces when you shave your balls. Also, body odour is reduced and as such, you smell better.

In conclusion, shaving your hair is just as important as eating good food. You need to constantly shave off hair around your balls. We have been able to see that it causes irritation. Not only that, hair around your balls reduces sex appeal. This might look little but sex appeal in men is always found wanting and as such, confidence is limited.

But shaving bolsters this and even increases your confidence. We have also see that hair around your balls increase sweat production around that part and consequently becomes the core source of body odour. Eliminating the source which is shaving of your balls automatically means that you are eliminating body odour.

This also in turn reduces how frequent you tend to take your bath. Balls are important part of the body for men and should be taken care of with utmost care. Shave your balls often in the right way to avoid cut or inherent damage to your balls.

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