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Awesome Short Acrylic Nails for Fashionable Ladies

Short Acrylic Nails

Short acrylic nails do not have to be necessarily long for them to look good. Short acrylic ones are most ideal for women who love their nails to be very simple yet bold. They allow you to play with nail art at the same time allowing you to engage in your daily activities without worrying about the nails breaking.

Short acrylic nails not only offer comfort but also add to the beauty of your nails. The following are some of the ways to rock short acrylic nails this year.

1. Short Nails With French Tips

The French tip is the perfect design for short nails. It does not only give your nails an elegant look it also makes them appear wide. Combine different color hues to attain that fashionable look that you desire. You can try a white hue and a hot pink on the nail tip. Finish the tips by shaping them the French way.

2. Short Nails With Ombre Designs

A combination of short acrylic nails with ombre designs will give your nails an incredible look that is perfect for both formal and informal occasions. Making faded shades on the nails makes the art look more of an illusion. Be creative with the ombre design you choose to achieve that elegant look on your nails.

Short Acrylic Nails

3. Nude Shades On Acrylic Nails

Polishing your short acrylic nails with a nude color shade will give your nails that incredible yet simple appearance. The best thing about nude colors is that they match any outfit and can be worn for both formal and casual events. You can choose to break the monotony of the nude shade by adding a little bit of jewelry but being careful not to go out of the theme.

4. Glitters On Short Nails

A little bit of glitters usually gives you a gorgeous look even before any art is done on the nails. Glitters do not have to be done on the entire nail as just a simple spot on the nail edges will make the entire nail very attractive.

5. Jewelry On Short Nails

Gluing in some jewelry has become a trend of making a finishing on your short acrylic nails. Consider sticking some rhinestones on the tips, at the center, or at the base of your nails. They add a very classic appearance to your short acrylic nails. The good thing about jewelry is that it allows you to be creative with how you decorate your nails. You can choose from very vibrant hues to understate ones depending on what you want to achieve with your nails.

6. Flower Art On Short Nails

Nail art is all about creativity. Ladies are flower fans and getting flowers drawn on your nails can be an incredible way of designing your short acrylic nails. However, flower patterns can be very complex and this means that you should settle for simple yet extraordinary flower designs.

Short Acrylic Nails

7. Geometric Designs On Short Nails

Avoid the simple look for your short acrylic nails. Get creative by having geometrical designs drawn on your nails. There is a wide range of these designs to choose from ranging from the bold ones to the classic ones. They blend very well with acrylic nails regardless of the color shade you settle on.

8. Matte Finishing On Acrylic Nails

The matte way of finishing your nails allows one to see all the colors used in a cooler and attractive way. In other terms, it softens the original shade of the colors used. This is usually achieved by brushing the shades softly such that the colors blend in well and lightly.

Getting a matte finishing on the short acrylic nails will leave you sending out a soft vibe. Matte can be done on your favorite colors as it works even for black shades.

9. One-Color Short Nails

If you prefer a simple look for your nails, you can still do it with short acrylic nails. All you have to do is to ensure that the nail design is on point and that you get very creative with your designs. Choose the shade you want to be used on the entire nail.

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