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5 Things Every Shooter Should Know
About Sight Adjustment

Sight Adjustment

Recreational shooting is on the rise in the U.S., with about 52.1 million people enjoying some sort of target practice in 2018.

That's up from 34.4 million people in 2009, according to a recent report.

Yet, there's a lot that people need to know about shooting correctly and accurately and a big part of that is in a rifle's sights. Ultimately, the purpose of recreational shooting is to hit a target. That's why its important to understand the ins and out of sight adjustment.

Your sights are the most significant factor in hitting your target.

In the following posts, we will talk about adjustable sights and some pointers on dialing them in.

Open Sights vs. Scopes

Not so long ago, mounted scopes were not as popular as they are now and rarely used. These optics were considered undependable. Now, targeting optics are commonplace.

Yet, traditionally open sites or front and rear sights mounted directly to the long gun or pistol were common. These were the first sight children and amateurs learned on, and a working knowledge of these open sights should still be considered part of a target shooter's fundamental education.

To sight in a scoped rifle, you should use the same ammunition with consistent weather conditions. Make sure your firearm is steady and use the adjustments of the scope to sight in your weapon methodically.

You should be able to determine where your shots are going to sight in the scope. You should stay at the same distance and adjust your scopes until you can dependably hit the target in the desired location.

You may want to try another distance to confirm your scope's accuracy after you feel you have gotten your rifle adequately sighted.

Open Sight Adjustment

There are a few different types of open sights. The most common is probably the blade rear-bead front sight. Other types of adjustable iron sights are the peep rear-post front and the ghost rear post front.

Peep rear sights and ghost sights have a circular rear sight.

Blade rear sights have a cradle shaped attachment for the rear sight.

Most front sights are your standard post style.

An adjustable rear sight can be mounted and unmounted with several gunsmithing tools. These tools are usually precision made and specialized for use on firearms.

To sight in these sights follow similar steps as with the scopes. Find a steady place to shoot the weapon and set yourself more than 25 yards from the target.

Remember as you adjust your sight that the front sight should be moved in the opposite direction as your desired target. This sighting process is sometimes referred to by the acronym FORS, which stands for "Front sight= Opposite. Rear sight = Same."

Other Resources

With the growing popularity of target shooting, one of the best resources to learn more about the sport, or sight adjustment, is on the National Shooting Sports Association's website and the recreational shooting pages of the National Rifle Association.

For other articles on recreational activities and hobby ideas, search our archive.

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