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Shilajit Resin

Shilajit is known as one of the best herbal mineral formulations used in Ayurveda as a healing system originated thousands of years ago in India. There is great need to know that Ayurveda focuses primarily on restoring balance in the body through balancing the mind, body, as well as spirit. Shilajit powder comprises all the essential components that play an essential role in healing since centuries.

It is fascinating to know that Shilajit powder is widely used for stress management as well as depression control. According to some scientific studies, Shilajit resin plays a crucial role in treating some certain conditions such as epilepsy, heart diseases, kidney stones, skin diseases, anaemia, piles, worm infection and many more. One of the primary functions of Shilajit powder is to improve the functions of the thyroid gland.

There is great need to know that Shilajit comes from layers of rock in multiple mountain ranges throughout the world, such as Himalayan Shilajit is the famous ones. Moreover, it also comes from the layers of Tibetanand Altai mountains. Moreover, the blackish-brownish resin is rich in minerals and contains an essential compound known as fulvic acid.

shilajit resin

Shilajit as a dietary supplement

Shilajit is widely available as a form of dietary supplement form. It is fascinating to know that has ShilajitReddit has been used in traditional folk medicine in order to treat a wide range of conditions ranging from bone fractures to impotence.

Some other names including: also know Shilajit.

  • Moomiyo
  • Mumie
  • Mummiyo

Health Benefits of Shilajit

It is fascinating to know that Shilajit allows you to get a lot of significant health benefits. These benefits are the same for men and women, such as:


According to recent scientific studies, it has been revealed that that fulvic acid is known is one of the essential compounds in Shilajit. It acts as a potent anti-inflammatory compound as well as an anti-oxidant agent. Along with this, it also helps so reducing free radicals or cellular damage in the body that are two critical factors in ageing.

However, supplementation of shilajit also contributes to the vitality and a slower ageing process in some people.


Firstly, there is a great need to know that anaemia develops when the blood does not have enough healthy cells as well as haemoglobin. There might be many causes of anaemia. It is essential to keep in mind that iron-deficiency anaemia may cause numerous symptoms in the body, such as:

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache

Bear in mind that pure Himalayan Shilajit contains high levels of humic acid and iron that are very helpful in treating iron-deficiency anaemia. It is essential to explore this option with a health expert before taking supplements.


It's surprising to know that a wide range of minerals and vitamins found in Shilajit is also helpful in fighting off viruses. Shilajit can also excellent capability to fight off or kill many different viruses in isolated environments. Some of the researchers have also commented that while it does appear to be useful, but more studies are needed.

Altitude sickness

One of the claims made by some traditional practitioners is, Shilajit may help alleviate altitude sickness. Bear in mind that changes in pressure at high altitudes significantly affect some people. Some of the common symptoms of altitude sickness range from body pain to lung congestion and low oxygen in the brain.

It is fascinating to know that Shilajit is a complex substance containing more than 80 different minerals. Because of this broad spectrum of essential components, shilajit is considered helpful to reduce many symptoms of altitude sickness.

Is there any side effect of Shilajit?

According to some of the recent studies, side effects of Shilajit were experienced has been reported that is safe for long-term, and you can use as a dietary supplement. However, there are also some potential side effects of using shilajit.

There is a great need to know that Shilajit can lower blood pressure that can be dangerous for people suffering from hypertension. People with an active cardiac disorder or with the history of hypertension must avoid taking shilajit in order to prevent drop-in blood pressure.

However, it is essential to get a supplement from a reputable source. Some of the low-quality Shilajit are tainted with heavy metals and some free radicals such as lead and arsenic.

shilajit resin

Who Might Avoid Shilajit?

Nowadays, there are not many reports and scientific studies regardingside effects of Shilajit. However, if you are pregnant, you should talk with your health expert or physician before taking Shilajit.

However, Shilajit must be avoided in these Avoid scenarios:

  • Chronic sleep deprivation
  • Virus infections
  • Chronic allergies
  • High iron in the bloodstream
  • Intense heart
  • Infants or toddlers
  • Sinusitis, rhinitis and runny nose

Dosage of Shilajit

You are allowed to take Shilajit anytime in the day. However, the best time is to take in the morning, on an empty stomach. Many people ask, how much Shilajit dosageto take daily? The dose entirely depends on lifestyle, physical activity, and weight.

It is recommended to consult a doctor before taking the supplement before you have any medical conditions. Bear in mind that 250mg to 500mg is considered as an adequate once or twice a day. Higher dosage of up to 1 gram can be sufficient because there will be no problem with high doses Shilajit is safe up to 2 grams per day.

What to Look For

Shilajit is sold in various forms such as capsules, powder, or liquid. According to studies, there is no scientific evidence that recommends which form is best. There are some safety concerns while taking this or any supplement.

There is great need to know that dietary supplements are unregulated by the FDA as well as the agency does not need the dietary supplements to be tested for safety.

While choosing any dietary supplement, it is suggested to find products that have been certified by certified scientific labs. Bear in mind that these organizations don't guarantee that either the product is safe or effective, they provide a certain level of testing for quality.


Shilajit offers a new and promising approach in the long-term management of diseases such as diabetes, ulcers, infertility, arthritis, heart dieses, anaemia and many more due to its multifaceted action. Several clinical research on humans has shown that Shilajit has a significant positive effect on the management of diseases. Shilajit is available in the form of capsules, powder or liquid. You can choose according to your preference.

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