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Types of Sex Doll Torso and How It Is Made?

Sex Doll

A large number of people prefer to buy a sex doll torso instead of a full body appearance. The reasons can be - 

  • Smaller Size.
  • Lesser Price Tag.
  • Easy To Store. 

A sex doll torso is half the size compared to a full-bodied one. This makes it easier to store. Also, people who are living with someone else find the doll easy to keep away from the eyes of another person due to its smaller size. Some like to associate their loved or lost ones with the sex dolls and their appearances. That is why there are young, matured, and Doll Wives categories that come in sex doll torso.

Usually, buying a sex doll torso is a cheaper affair than buying the full body. This makes it more affordable for people who are not willing to spend a lot of money. This is a great incentive for first-time buyers to get into the sex doll universe. 


Well, there are two major materials used in the manufacture of sex dolls. They are TPE and Silicone.

Both of the materials are good when it comes to sex dolls. In recent times TPE or thermoplastic elastomer has become more popular as it is more flexible and easier for sculptors to carve out what they want. 

On the other hand, silicone also works fine when it comes to sex dolls. It's clean and can be heated. Therefore, manufacturers install heat systems in sex dolls made of silicone as they can withstand heat. 

TPE is relatively a newer material out in the market. It is made of rubber and plastic. TPE is considered more life-like as far as the feel of the doll goes. The boobs and the ass of the doll feel more like real skin as compared to the silicone ones. 

Also, TPE is more elastic in nature which enables it to be used in more extreme positions by the user.

Lastly, TPE sex dolls are cheaper in comparison with silicone ones. This might be one of the reasons why it has become more popular. The rise in accessibility of TPE dolls is due to their cost-effectiveness.

Silicone as a compound is more rugged and is resistant to external factors such as the sun, water, stains, and heat. Cleaning it becomes easier as compared to its TPE counterpart. 

A silicone sex doll is more expensive as compared to TPE sex dolls. Manufacturers add extra features and details to make it look more expensive. Hair, eyes, nails, and the vagina are made with total detail as required by the customer. One can safely say that more work goes into the detailing of silicone dolls as compared to TPE sex dolls. 

Which one to get? 

It depends upon person to person. If you are someone who wants to spend less and get more then go for the TPE sex dolls. You will get the soft skin feel, bouncing breasts, and more without inducing many dents on your pocket. 

And if money is not an issue for you then go for the silicone one. It has better detailing on everything from head to toe. You can also customize it by adding heat systems in areas you like. Lastly, it is more rugged and resistant to external factors.

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