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Severasynth Turkesterone

If you are a fitness enthusiast who cannot miss a new trend in the world of supplements, we present to you SEVERASYNTH TURKESTERON 500MG. Interest in this substance is growing rapidly in Europe. In America, Turkesterone is also very popular among bodybuilders and other power athletes.

SEVERASYNTH Turkesterone is a natural supplement to maintain and increase testosterone levels, muscle growth and performance. And all this in a natural way and without unpleasant side effects, as in the case of anabolic steroids. No wonder there is such a stir around it.

Turkesterone is a plant steroid that is most commonly extracted from an herb of the thistle family, such as Ajuga Turkestanica. The latter is native to the Central Asian region and grows mainly in Uzbekistan. Turkesterone refers to ecdysteroid hormones that promote plant or insect growth, due to which it is considered an anabolic substance. Ecdysterone is also slightly more popular among its other representatives. Ecdysteroid hormones are similar in structure to androgens and are therefore popular among athletes as steroid substitutes, and also as performance and muscle growth supplements. And it is Turkesterone that, according to current knowledge, is the most effective of them all.

Its chemical structure is actually similar to human testosterone, which we associate mainly with male health as well as muscle growth. Because of this, Turkesterone has attracted the attention of many bodybuilders and other athletes who want to achieve maximum results. This is because testosterone levels in the body naturally decrease over a lifetime. Athletes aiming to maximise muscle development are therefore often looking for ways to keep testosterone at an optimal level, or to further increase it so they can achieve a new level of fitness.

In addition to optimal training, recovery and a carefully selected diet, these athletes try natural supplements containing biologically active substances and plant-based steroids such as Turkesterone. Moreover, according to the latest research, it is safe for health and does not belong to the doping substances as in the case of testosterone.

What are the most popular effects of Turkesterone?

  • Maintaining healthy testosterone levels and growth;
  • Muscle mass growth;
  • Enhancement of strength;
  • Enhancement of overall physical performance;
  • Fat burning and weight loss assistance;
  • More energy throughout the day;
  • More resilience to stress;
  • Maintains brain function;
  • Protect against depression;
  • Lower blood sugar levels;
  • Anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Antioxidant properties;
  • Enhancement of digestion;
  • Support immune function;
  • Promotes liver and heart health.

The list of effects of Turkesterone looks very promising. Most bodybuilders and even regular gym-goers dream of having even bigger muscles, without the effort and side-effects of anabolic steroids. Many of them are already trying to achieve this by taking Turkesterone. It is believed that this substance is able to increase the synthesis of muscle protein. In doing so, the body regenerates, reconstructs and builds muscle mass.

Anabolic properties of Turkesterone have been confirmed in animal studies, as well as in vitro (using a sample in the laboratory). Scientists have observed a 20% increase in the formation of muscle mass.

The 2019 study also produced impressive results. Its participants were divided into 3 groups, each taking a different amount of ecdysteroids (ecdysterone). After 10 weeks, the group taking the highest dose (800 mg) had gained 2 kg of muscle In comparison, the group taking the lowest dose (200 mg) had gained 1.6kg of muscle. Participants with placebo, gained the least muscle mass gain.

Supporting muscle protein production, which we talked about above, also contributes to better recovery. By recovering muscles damaged by exercise more quickly, we can exercise more often or more intensively. Ecdysteroids, which include Turkesterone, according to some studies, can also promote leucine metabolism and its incorporation into cells. This essential amino acid is one of the most important in terms of repairing muscle fibres damaged by exercise.

However, even Turkesterone is not a miracle substance that will completely prevent muscle pain after a workout for an hour. Again, you should continue to rely on quality sleep, rest between workouts, adequate protein in the diet and other methods that can aid recovery. These include, for example, cold water treatments, sauna or massages. For some massages, you can use, for example, a massage gun at home. Then add the Turkesterone or other nutritional supplements that best suit your goals and requirements.

Muscle mass growth is usually accompanied by an increase in strength. But this is not the only potential effect of Turkesterone on sports performance. According to a number of scientific papers, ecdysteroids can also increase glycogen storage in the body as a whole. They in turn are directly linked to the production of energy in the form of ATP, which is the body's main fuel unit, similar to petrol or diesel in internal combustion engines. This allows you to exercise for longer periods of time without feeling tired. So far, this effect has only been found in animals.

Is it necessary to take Turkesterone cyclically?

Turkesterone Supplement does not belong to the androgens and therefore should not cause suppression of natural testosterone production in the body. This often happens when taking anabolic steroids. For this reason, there is no need to interrupt taking the drug for a period of time. However, most users of Turkesterone take a break for a few weeks after 8-12 weeks of taking it. They need to go through the body's adaptation to the substance, which can lead to a gradual decrease in effect.

Does Turkesterone have any side effects?

Our Supplement is considered safe, unlike anabolic steroids. It does not bind to androgen receptors in the body, which is considered risky with these substances. Because of this, there is no risk of side effects when taken according to the recommended dosage. However, nausea or indigestion may occur if the dosage is incorrect or if the substance is taken on an empty stomach.


To summarize, it is safe to say that Turkesterone Supplement has some potential effects on improving certain areas of life. In normal doses, it is a safe supplement, so anyone can see the effects of this substance if they are interested. However, when pursuing goals such as muscle growth or optimizing testosterone levels, you should always stick to basic training, diet, and rest. And then you can additionally take supplements with Turkesterone.

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