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Pros and Cons – Self-Hypnosis Versus
One-to-One Consultation

Using hypnosis to change your habits or deal with a problem works. Thousands, if not millions, of people have done so already. And there is plenty of information out there about where its use has been successful.

You want to try it but may be wondering is it best to seek qualified help or can you do the job yourself?

These pros and cons of self-hypnosis versus a one-to-one consultation may help:



It’s Cheaper
This is probably the main reason why you would choose to self-hypnotise rather than pay for a one-to-one consultation. Information on how to self-hypnotise is readily, and freely, available on the internet. There is even a basic Wikihow to help you learn how to self-hypnotise.

More Freedom
Using self-hypnosis to change a habit or overcome a worry may be easier for you when you can work to your own schedule. Your own hypnosis session can be taken at your leisure at a time which best suits you.


It’s Dangerous
When talking about hypnotherapy the NHS has this to say in a section marked important: “Don't use hypnotherapy if you have psychosis or certain types of personality disorder, as it could make your condition worse”.

If a treatment comes with a warning like that it must be treated with caution. What if you have a certain type of mental issue you are not entirely aware of and you end up making yourself worse off?

The mind is an unknown and powerful thing. Meddling with it through hypnosis can be a risky prospect.

Lack Of Knowledge
Not knowing what you are doing is always dangerous in some way or other. It can lead to careless and costly repercussions.

Any time we have a problem that requires something we don’t have we get that something elsewhere. If we need a wall built we get bricklayer. We get a mechanic to fix our car. And we don’t get the person just in the door, the novice or apprentice, we get someone who knows what they are doing.

Hypnosis One-To-One Consultation


You Get An Expert
The only way to get a good job done is to get an expert to do it. Hypnosis is no different to anything else in that matter.

With a one-to-one consultation you get the benefit of that expert knowledge and application. Life experience will also tell you that there is a marked difference between what you can learn from reading and the reality of applying what you have read. A great consultant has all the knowledge and experience you need.

It’s Safer
A consultation provides you with a safe space for undergoing hypnosis. Not only does the consultant know exactly what they are doing but they also know all the things to look out for in treating someone with hypnosis.

Having a one-to-one compared to self-hypnosis is like the difference between having a brain surgeon or a monkey to operate on your brain.


The Cost
Obviously, paying for a one-to-one consultation is going to cost more in terms of money. You are paying for an expert after all. And expertise doesn’t necessarily come cheap.

That cost is mitigated by the amount of potential benefit however as a series of hypnosis consultations may be much more beneficial than anything you could do for yourself.

Tied To A Schedule
The only other real drawback to using an expert is that you have to make an appointment. A time and place has to be scheduled ahead. You can’t just do it at the drop of a hat.

As a con it really is quite minor as that is how most things like that work. We make appointments to see the Doctor, we arrange times to meet friends, we watch a tv programme at a scheduled time. Appointments are just something we are used to and are expected.

Hopefully you’ve looked at these pros and cons of self-hypnosis versus one-to-one consultations and feel comfortable enough to choose which would best suit you.

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