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8 Simple Self-Care Practices for a
Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

Self-Care Practices

The notion of “self-care” is finally becoming a buzzword, and it’s ever so important that all of us realize that we not only deserve, we simply need it in our lives. Self-care should not be a once-in-a-while thing; it should be a regular, integral part of your life if you want to avoid burnout and stay happy and healthy in your body. Even when it’s not so easy to find time for it, make sure that you do put a few minutes aside just for yourself and practice different self-care methods. Here are a few tips if you need inspiration...

Give yourself a break

Work and other responsibilities can really wreak havoc on your health if you are incessantly putting them before your needs. Burnout is affecting many people in these modern times and if you feel it approaching, make sure you allow yourself to take a break without being harsh on yourself. You will have to develop your own ways of fighting the symptoms of burnout, but it’s necessary for your mental health. By not overworking yourself, you’ll be much more productive in the long term.

Spend time outside

Spending too much time indoors can feel suffocating. However, you might not notice this until you’re drained already. It’s a good idea to spend more time outside, among greenery, as part of your self-care routine, since reconnecting with nature will relax you and help you relieve stress. As little as a short walk in your local park, every day can mean a lot for your mental (as well as physical) health.

Stay active

Speaking of physical health, self-care also includes making sure your body is in top shape. If you don’t particularly enjoy exercise – you probably just haven’t found what you like. Exercise not only moves our muscles and keeps us fit, but it also basically makes us feel happy by stimulating our endorphin production. So, make sure you stay active in some form – you can take up a sport, do some yoga while listening to a podcast, or even jog in nature. Whichever it is, it will help you keep both your mind and your body healthy.

Take time to appreciate the good things

Nowadays, our lifestyles are simply so fast-paced that weeks go by in the blink of an eye. It is no wonder, then, that we don’t have time to stop and really appreciate what we have while constantly rushing through the days. However, it’s important to sit down once in a while and practice gratitude. You can do this in many ways. You can keep a journal where you list all the good things in your life or note down the compliments that other people have said to you. The process of writing can already be therapeutic in itself. It will help you reconnect with yourself while remembering everything you’re grateful for.

Pamper yourself

Self-care is about both your mind and your body. Pampering them goes hand in hand and relaxing your body will also relax your mind. So, make sure you give your body the love it needs by having a spa session in your home once a week. Pampering and grooming yourself will make you feel infinitely better; it will recharge your batteries and improve your mood. Your spa session should include everything from having a hot bath through exfoliating your dead skin cells all the way to applying a face mask to rejuvenate and moisturize your skin. Make sure you give your body only the best by choosing natural skin care products, and you will feel like you were reborn after you’re done with your routine.

Learn to say no

Many of us are guilty of putting others’ needs before our own. We are afraid of saying no in case we come across as selfish or rude, but in the long term, this is going to exhaust us. Here, we’re not only talking about errands and favors other people ask you to do for them. This is also about your free time and how you spend it. If you’re an introvert, it’s okay to say no to a get-together at the end of an exhausting week. Recharging yourself will be more productive than getting even more drained. It’s about knowing your limits and knowing when to and when not to go over them.

Do what you love

In the times where most of our life revolves around work, it’s very important that we make time for what we actually love, too. Getting disconnected from your hobbies and the things that fuel your passion will make you feel empty and uninspired. Perhaps it’s dancing, gardening, painting, playing an instrument, or something completely unexpected that makes you feel excited. Regardless of what it is, it is part of your identity so you should make time for it. Doing what you love from time to time will fill you with inspiration and energy and it will reinvigorate your motivation.

Make time for friends and family

In the long run, nothing is more important than our bonds with our loved ones. Nurturing our social relations is an essential part of self-care. Spending even just a short time with our friends and family can completely change the way we are feeling, filling us with love and a sense of belonging. Nothing will feed your mind, body, and soul like a good, genuine laugh. So, make it a point to spend time with your loved ones, and don’t let your busy lifestyle stand in the way of your relationships. If there is no other way, even a video call will work great.

Self-care often takes the back seat as we rush to get all of our tasks done. This is why it’s important that you schedule your self-care time and don’t let chores take its place. You will feel much better in your skin if you properly take care of your mind, body, and soul, so don’t feel guilty for making time for this.

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