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Three Secrets You Need to Know When You Buy a Puppy

Let us think. Is there a possibility there is a creature in the world that would be cuter than your incredible puppy? Not sure.

However, it will take some time until it learns how to be a well-mannered dog that is not constantly spoiling your stuff pooping around the house as a bonus. 

In this article, we will tell you more about how to train your pet for the sake of your comfortable life together. 

Secret #1 Start early and be consistent

This one works just the way it works with kids. Think about it: if someone does not learn how to eat with a fork until they are 20, every next year it would be harder and harder to explain the importance to bother. Same here: You need to constantly show what behavior is appreciated in your house and what is not so that in several years your dog can tell good from bad itself. 

It is hard work too. Day by day you must have the same reaction to your puppy’s behavior. Every single time it bites your stuff you have to show it is unacceptable, even if you are in a good mood and do not feel like strict talking to your beloved creature. Your dog will be super confused if you react negatively in only half of the cases and will not understand why exactly you are unhappy the moment it bites your charger: The last time everything was alright!

Therefore, when you think about how to discipline a puppy, consistency is the main key.

Secret #2 You do not have to be aggressive

It is a mistake to think that your dog will learn good manners only in case you start yelling or get physical. On the contrary, it will start living in constant stress under everlasting pressure. We don’t want your little puppy to be scared of you, we just want it to learn that you are the boss in the house, so you are the one who creates rules (and watches closely that they are followed).

You definitely need to pick a word that will become a signal that something goes wrong. It can be a “no” said in a harsh or strict manner. It is a must to say this word every time the dog is doing stuff you don’t want it to do. One of the pros of getting your pet used to understanding a verbal no is that you can use this technique even if you are in a different room and hear that something is going wrong in the house.

You can also use a reward technique every time your cutie does things that you want them to do. Did the puppy poop outside? Such a good boy! I bet you are so happy that it is going to get a treat once you guys are back!

Secret #3 Stay in the moment

It might sound like a joke, but for you to bring up a really good dog, it is a must to recall some basic relationship principles too! We are talking about showing your reaction in the moment. If the puppy is breaking the rules you have set, you need to react right away. If it breaks your phone and you feel too overwhelmed to react and show zero emotions in the moment, but then either overreact the next time it just bites something or close it in a room as a punishment in two hours, the dog will be confused and the lesson will not be learned.

There is a long way to go before your pet learns all the rules. However, it is definitely worth it! Have you seen how cute it is? 

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