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The Case for Touch Healing

By Frank Schuster

Touch has been out of favor in our society for many years on many levels - personal, social, therapeutic, etc. I want to challenge you to think with me about this subject and perhaps stretch a little beyond your comfort zone. Despite all the news stories about bad touch, good touch is alive and well!

Children naturally respond wonderfully to touch. As we grow older, it seems that the inclination to touch or be touched is shunned - at least in the Western world. Yet I notice a gradual return to the acceptance of touch through public hugging. Really, we know intuitively that hugging, caressing and soothing touch are natural forms of human expression. For children we can go further by unequivocally stating that touch is necessary for healthy growth and development. I believe that teens and adults can also benefit physically and emotionally from good, loving touch on a regular basis. Touching conveys love and gives us a sense of belonging.

Now I want to expand on this idea to include intentional touch toward promoting healing. Man has known for centuries about the value of touch in the healing process. In fact it is more than knowledge; it is instinctive to touch oneself or another to sooth and heal injuries, and emotional trauma. Think about the last time you received an unexpected blow to the body or cut in the skin. Most likely you immediately touched the injured area. You would do the same to your child. Your actions are soothing, both emotionally and physically. Why not decide in advance to regularly and systematically touch therapeutically? Why not act according to our natural abilities?

Touching with intent to help one heal is an important aspect of loving and supporting one another. I believe that touch healing can restore health because a natural rebalance occurs in the presence of pure love. When we touch with loving intent, something happens and that something is healing at some level of consciousness.

Exactly what happens through this kind of touch may not be knowable at our level. That is up to the Spirit in communion with the soul. So the question, "What does it means to be healed?" is a complex one. I don't have an answer, but it is certainly more than relieving symptoms of illness. Healing is a process, not an event. I suspect it involves all levels of our being - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. I also suspect that it involves the caring person who touched.

For the moment let's focus on the principle of touch healing and how it can impact our lives. There are several things I would like you to think about:

  1. Consider re-evaluating your ideas about healing. What does it mean to be healed? When the physical symptoms of illness are gone, are we healed? Are there mental, emotional and spiritual factors to consider? What role does love play in the healing process? What role do you play in the healing of another? These are not easy questions, but they are meant to stimulate the thought process. Just trying to formulate answers will give you some idea of how complex and emotionally charged this subject can be.

  2. Think about ways to take greater responsibility for your own (personal and collective) well being. Who should ultimately be responsible for your health and well being? Is it God, the doctor or you (individually and collectively)? Allopathic medicine is focused on relieving symptoms. Modern medicines can change symptoms rapidly, but healing may not result from these changes. We go to the doctor and expect to get immediate relief. Essentially we have given to our doctor responsibility to keep us free of symptoms while we continue the same lifestyle without considering what underlying causes might be involved. I am not suggesting that we exclude modern medical science, but I do believe that we have surrendered to the medical system control over our health to a far greater extent than is necessary. We pay dearly for this in many ways.

  3. Consider that to touch another with intent to help relieve suffering or illness is sharing on par with more common activities. When we offer to pray for another, listen to their problems, prepare meals or help them with a project, we are sharing our lives. Why should we not share a concerned, healing touch with equal intention? To do so is a healing act, one that says that we are in this life together and what affects one affects all. If one among us is sick or in pain, we all are affected.

  4. Consider learning about touch healing so that you can share it with your family and those in your sphere of life - especially those who are hurting physically and emotionally. If you are one of those, receiving touch healing provides an opportunity for you to participate in your own healing. It can make you feel like you have some control of the impact of the disease. When I discovered that by touching another person with my hands I could help them heal, I was hooked! During the last two years I have touched many people most of whom have experienced improved health. Some have shown dramatic improvement both in relief of symptoms and in a sense of well being. Yes, I am a healer and so are you. All that is necessary is for you to be open to the possibility and be willing to explore the concept.

  5. Finally, a method is necessary to carry out a desire to share touch healing. I would like to suggest a relatively simple yet powerful technique called Bio-TouchTM. Bio-TouchTM is a simple, hands-on healing technique that can be used to address all types of health concerns. We use the first two fingers of both hands to lightly touch specific points on the body. The combination of correct points and light touch seems to enhance the body's natural healing ability. Healing takes place, as the body's own inherent healing ability is subtly motivated. In time, many permanent ailments begin to correct themselves. Bio-TouchTM is found to be effective with pain, illness and stress-related conditions. It does not purport to take the place of standard medical treatment.

So how does Bio-TouchTM work? Well, if you ask any of the practitioners they will tell you, "We don't know. The body heals itself, and we 'Just Touch.'" Certainly, there are a lot of theories about how light touch facilitates healing. You can ask a scientist, a medical doctor, a Christian, or a child, and they will each give you a different idea. But it is a guarantee that with Bio-TouchTM they can all learn the points and will be equally effective, whatever their personal beliefs may be, the very first time they touch another person.

The Bio-TouchTM technique can be used in conjunction with conventional healthcare treatments. It can be easily learned and effectively used by anyone with results the same as experienced practitioners. Recipients have been both refreshed and inspired by its simplicity and effectiveness.

I encourage you to experience this beautiful touch-healing technique, complementary to standard medical treatment. A light touch on the skin at specific points on the body produces a wonderful sense of relaxation and enhances the body's natural healing ability. It is a wonderful way to express loving concern to another. I would be happy to arrange one-on-one sessions or group presentations. Classes can be arranged at most locations.

The International Foundation for Bio-Magnetics (IFBM) offers sessions, classes and public speakers demonstrating this very simple technique. IFBM is an educational, charitable organization whose goals are fulfilled through demonstrating and teaching the Bio-TouchTM technique. Located at 5634 East Pima Street, Tucson, Arizona, USA - Phone: 520-751-7751.

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