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10 Sauna Tips For Beginners

Sauna Tips

Are you setting up a sauna at your home? That's great! Before you use the sauna for the first time, let's look at some of the rules that you need to follow.

Just to be clear, it's important that you follow these rules because ignoring them could lead to health issues.

1. Avoid Alcohol

Sweating out a hangover is a myth. Everybody knows that drinking alcohol dehydrates your body. When you step into the sauna, it'll dehydrate your body further.

Too much dehydration can cause vomiting and headache which will ruin your sauna experience. (Just in case you do need to vomit, keep a bucket and a ladle ready. These two are the most essential sauna accessories. You need to have them.)

2. Avoid Food

Don't eat right before entering the cabin.

Inside the sauna, your body will focus on boosting your blood circulation. This will delay digestion and could cause feelings of nauseousness.

But going inside the sauna with an empty stomach can also cause many issues. If you really have to eat, then go for something light salad.

3. Leave Your Phone Outside

You are visiting a sauna to relax and rejuvenate. You can't do that with a smartphone in your hand. You can't pay attention to your body if you are focused on somewhere else. It's best to leave your smartphone outside.

If you insist on some form of entertainment, we suggest listening to relaxing music or audiobooks. But be very careful. Your smartphone may malfunction or even stop working in high temperatures.

4. Hydrate Beforehand

The whole point of visiting a sauna is to sweat out toxins. But this process will dehydrate your body. Lack of water in your body can cause nauseousness and fatigue. You might even faint. To prevent this from happening, you need to drink plenty of water.

You can certainly bring a bottle inside the sauna but it won't suffice. Drink plenty of water before stepping into the sauna.

5. Wear Cotton Clothes

You can be naked inside the cabin but if that's not something you are comfortable with, then wear a cotton towel.

Cotton towels are breathable which means heat can easily travel in and reach your body. Synthetic clothes can trap heat causing discomfort. Hence go for a cotton towel.

If you don't have one, then an oversized cotton t-shirt should do the trick.

6. Pay Attention To Your Body

When you are inside the cabin, try to avoid engaging with other people. Remember why you are there in the first place - to rest and rejuvenate.

We suggest sitting calmly and listening to your body. If your body feels tight in certain areas, try to relax that area. Before long your entire body will calm down and you’d be able to make the most of your sauna session.

7. Take Breaks

Being in a heated cabin is unusual. So don't be surprised if you can't be inside for more than 15 mins. This is perfectly normal. In fact, we suggest staying for 15 mins and then going out and cooling off.

If you feel like going in again, do that but don't stay more than 15 mins inside the sauna.

8. Finish With a Shower

At the end of your sauna session, you need to take a shower. Some suggest warm showers, others prefer cold showers.

Typically cold showers help close your skin pores, therefore, preventing dirt from infiltrating your body.

Warm showers on the other hand keep the pores open. This is ideal if you want to apply beauty products like lotion on your body.

Choose whatever suits you.

9. Cool Off Before Dressing

Ensure you are completely dry and cool before putting on your clothes. If you feel warm then we suggest cooling off. Putting on tight clothes on a warm body will make you extremely uncomfortable. Take time to cool off.

10. Eat And Drink

Earlier we instructed you to avoid eating before stepping into the sauna. You must be starving by now! Feel free to dig into your fridge right after the sauna session.

Sweating dehydrates your body so we recommend drinking a lot of water.


Many of the tips listed in this article are timeless. They should be followed by regular sauna visitors also. Why not bookmark this page so that it's easy to come back to the article when you need to.

Thanks for reading!

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