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The Safest Country in the Era of Coronavirus

The only case of coronavirus — this figure has not changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Vanuatu is the record-breaking state that takes the last place in the list of 221 countries regarding the number of people infected with the COVID.


This cozy island country in the Pacific Ocean is fighting the pandemic more effectively than such world giants as the United States, Russia, and China. Living in Vanuatu now is to completely protect yourself from the most terrible threat of 2020-2021. Of course, the island's authorities restrict entry to the country, so the most effective way to relocate to Vanuatu is by applying to its government citizenship-by-investment program. In 2020 alone, the state received a hundred applications every month, setting a new record.

Key benefits of Vanuatu citizenship

In addition to solid protection against COVID-19, Vanuatu offers an excellent opportunity for an urgent plan B — a visa-free regime with more than 129 countries worldwide. So the holder of a Vanuatu passport can move around the world without restraints that is especially important in these troubled times.

The citizenship program will also interest in its business opportunities:

  • Vanuatu has no taxes on income, wealth, capital gains, and inheritance

  • the country permits a second citizenship

  • the Vanuatu citizens are free to open accounts in international banks.

Are you interested in Vanuatu citizenship? Read more about its advantages and requirements on

Investing in a Vanuatu passport

Let's dispel one of the popular myths. They say that buying passports is illegal, but it is not true. The governments of the countries develop investment programs, so it is the legal and most reliable way to obtain citizenship.

In the case of Vanuatu, at least $130,000 must be donated to a government fund. The sum will grow if the investor wants to apply for citizenship with relatives — you can add a spouse, parents (50 years and older), and children (up to 25 years old) to the application. For example, for a family of four, the contribution to the fund would be $180,000.

It is, of course, a sunk investment. The money resources invested in the fund cannot be returned in any way; this is a legitimate purchase of passports.

The procedure for obtaining citizenship will take one and a half months and is entirely confidential. Moreover, during the entire process of getting a passport, you do not need to visit the island — the process is entirely remote.

How to get a Vanuatu passport

The most reliable way to get your second passport is to agree with the international company Migronis. The experts will help you with everything: collect the necessary documents, survive a test for positive vetting, consult you on all the details of the investment citizenship program, explain how to transfer funds to the development fund and how to obtain Vanuatu citizenship for your family members, and finally, how to pick up your new second passport. You can contact the company representatives and find out all the details about Vanuatu citizenship on the official website:

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