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Ways To Safely Store Your Handgun

Handguns are no doubt a good choice for home defense but when you think of "home" defense you also need to focus on securing the gun - gun safes under $600 are available - and also protect other members of the home from any kind of accident by abuse of a gun.

Any younger one can get the gun and use it and on the other hand, while securing the gun, you may miss out on the chance of securing yourself by storing it in an inaccessible place when an emergency.

So you need to select a place that is accessible to every adult when needed and also safe where younger ones can’t catch or even you won’t mishandle by mistake. Keeping it on a nightstand or table is not safe as the younger ones may get it or the criminals may get it.

Thus you may not get the opportunity to save yourself in spite of having the gun at home. Putting the gun at the pillow corner or bedside table may cause you to trigger in a drowsy mood. So to prevent all of these you have to find the safest way to store the gun to protect yourself and the family.

There are some tricky but good ways to store a handgun to use for home protection like-

Keep in a handgun safe:

It is obviously a typical one but also a very good choice if you have one according to your home layout - if it is only of one level or several levels.

Think over the point that at which level or which corner of the house you spend most of the time, or which part is accessible to you easily when you fall into danger, is the central part of the house accessible to every member of the house in few seconds or not. think these and then place the safe at that spot.

You also need to select if you want a biometric safe or push buttoned one according to your comfort. You can visit outdoorviewer to know more information about gun safe for your needs.

Storing in concealment furniture

Nowadays there are so modern interiors where the designers themselves suggest this type of securing place. There are also shelves that have some extra space within it to place the gun behind your magazines, bed headboards, trap doors, etc. to conceal a handgun for home defense.

In this case, also, you need to wonder over if these types of furniture are a few seconds away from you when you need them most. this is a tricky modern idea if you can absorb according to your home layout and ease.

Securing up or at a corner that is out of reach

It is actually a compromised option when you have younger ones at home or don't want to buy the above-mentioned ones. this can keep the gun above the wall, shelf, cupboard, out of reach but open at the spot.

This can save you those extra seconds that you need to get the gun from concealments or lockboxes.


Above mentioned are the ways when you have members of different ages at home. but for home defense when you are alone at home, it is actually the safest to carry the gun with yourself on the pocket or holster according to your ease.

searching for the safest ways to store the handgun doesn't mean to secure the gun only. It needs to be kept in a secured place to keep your lives secured at sour situations. so keep the gun at a secure and near the arm length place to use for home protection.

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