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The Complete Guide on How to Safely Buy Antibiotics Online

Buy anti-biotics

According to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (BABP), over 96% of online pharmacies aren't operating legally.

However, it's as the saying goes: one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch.

If you need to buy antibiotics online, you can still find the gems that are actually operating legally and offer you great benefits as well. You just need to be safe and smart about choosing the online pharmacy you buy from.

Read on for a great guide on choosing a good online pharmacy.

The Benefits of Using an Online Pharmacy

If you're not able-bodied, then using an online pharmacy can be very appealing. You can fill your prescriptions from the comfort of your house, plus you don't have to leave it to pick up your medications.

In addition, it offers you the choice to order your medicine in a discreet manner. Antibiotics aren't that embarrassing, but if you need to fill a prescription for your GI issues, then that can be uncomfortable to do in a brick and mortar pharmacy that's filled with people.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is you can get much lower prices. With physical pharmacies, it's harder to shop around. With online pharmacies, not only is it easier to shop around, but prices are also generally much lower because they don't have as much overhead.

The Dangers of Buying Medicine Online

Just like everything in life, there are two sides to buying medications online.

While you can enjoy lower prices and better convenience, there are some risks that come with this. For example, you might receive placebos. Or even worse, you might get drugs that have harmful ingredients in them.

Other dangers include getting the wrong medication or not even receiving it at all after you've paid the online pharmacy.

In addition, if you buy from a shady website, you might also put the safety of your credentials at risk. This means they might be able to share and/or steal things like your credit card numbers and bank account information.

Just because the above can happen doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't go online to purchase your medicines. Keep reading for some great tips on how to find a reputable online pharmacy.

They Should Ask for a Valid Prescription

Any reputable Canadian Online Pharmacy that's operating legally should ask you for a valid prescription when you check out. This is so they can confirm that you should actually be on the medication and that you're not just ordering it on your own.

If the site you're using doesn't ask for a valid prescription at all, this is a huge red flag. This means they only care about the bottom line and aren't concerned about the safety and well-being of their customers.

While it certainly is more convenient buying from an online pharmacy that lets you skip this step, you should resist doing so. If they're willing to be so careless upfront, you don't know what other steps they're skipping in the background.

Prices Should Be Reasonable

Seeing an online pharmacy with super-low prices can make it extremely appealing. If you're used to buying your medication at $100 a pop and they're selling it for $10, then that's also a huge red flag.

If the prices seem too good to be true, then they most likely are. This means they're either selling unregulated drugs or placebos.

We mentioned earlier that online pharmacies are able to offer lower prices than their brick and mortar counterparts. However, these prices shouldn't be dirt cheap.

They Should Have a Licensed Pharmacist on Staff

With any medication, you'll probably have some questions. Even if you've taken your antibiotics a million times before, you still may get some unexpected side effects, and you need a professional to tell you if they're normal or not.

A reputable online pharmacy should have a licensed pharmacist on staff. Not only that, but they (or other pharmacists) should be available 24/7 for their customers. This ensures that any medical questions are answered promptly and that their customers' health is in good hands.

The Pharmacy Should Be Licensed as Well

More importantly, the online pharmacy itself should be licensed. With many options available today, not all of them are located in the US. This is how they're able to offer much lower prices; drugs in the US cost significantly more than they do in other parts of the world.

No matter where the online pharmacy is located and where they source their medications, you need to check that they're licensed. Not only that, but they should also be in good standing with America. You can check with the NABP to see if an online pharmacy meets the necessary requirements.

They Should Have a Well-Established Reputation

Just because an online pharmacy is new doesn't necessarily mean it's not following regulations to a T.

Generally, you'll want to stick with sites that are well-established and have served customers for years. This means they've continuously served people with medications that are effective and safe.

Make sure you check out the pharmacy's reviews to see if they've been consistent in their services and products.

Buy Antibiotics Online Safely

When you need to buy antibiotics online, there will be plenty of choices available to you. Keep in mind that not all online pharmacies are made equal, so make sure to do your research before purchasing.

By following our tips on choosing a pharmacy online, you'll be able to buy your medication for cheaper, plus get it delivered straight to your door.

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