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Ten Steps for Safe Vaping During the Pandemic

Safe Vaping

As we all shelter in place, work from home and celebrate special events on Google Meet, it’s easy to miss out on all of the social aspects of our lives we have in the past taken for granted. I can still walk my dog (he wouldn’t have it any other way), but can no longer enjoy the special repartee I have become accustomed to when I meet another dog walker. Instead of chatting and letting the dogs play, I cross the street to avoid contact. My dog is disappointed.

Instead of enjoying a beer with friends, we chat on Facebook while we each enjoy our cold lager in isolation. There are no more break room gossip sessions around the office because the office is empty, no more first-run movies at the movie theater, no more Broadway shows and no more favorite restaurants with your sweetheart. No more enjoying a vape with friends. It is an existence that no living person has ever experienced before. We can take some solace in the fact that, at some point, all this will end and we can begin the long process of returning our lives to normal.

For those who do enjoy a vape, part of that enjoyment is the social aspect of it. It’s about enjoying a pleasant activity with friends, sharing something in common and just enjoying blowing vapor while you have a pleasant chat or listen to music. The vape itself might even be less important than the whole social experience of it. That’s one of the biggest reasons people find it hard to quit smoking. Seriously, who likes to gather together in the back yard and slap nicotine patches on each other’s arms?

Vapor Authority, one of the oldest online retailers of e-juices and vaping equipment, offers these recommendations for vapers to stay safe during the pandemic:

  1. Understand the facts, ignore the fiction. There is a lot of misinformation about vaping, and anti-vaping activists have turned the pandemic into an opportunistic way to promote their own agenda by incorrectly connecting COVID-19 to vaping.
  2. Don’t revert to combustible cigarettes. There is a particularly dangerous myth floating around which incorrectly suggests that vaping is more dangerous than smoking, based on outdated and incorrect research that have since been disproven.
  3. Be considerate if you are vaping in public. The risk of spreading the virus with vapor is minimal. Nonetheless, keep your vape clouds to yourself, and don’t blow your vapor into a crowd.
  4. Never share vaping hardware. Yes, sharing your favorite flavors with your friends is a big part of the pleasure of vaping, but the best way to do that now is for each person to top up their own tanks, and at a safe distance from one another. Better yet, have a Google Meet or a Zoom, and do it online, and you can blow those big smoke clouds you’ve become so fond of in the privacy of your own home.
  5. Use low-powered devices in public. The risk of spreading the virus when using a low-powered device is about the same a spreading it through ordinary breathing.
  6. Sanitize it! First, wash your hands before and after vaping (or smoking, if you smoke), and always wash and sanitize your vape devices. When you order vaping e-liquids or hardware from your Internet retailer, take a few moments to disinfect the packaging before you open it.
  7. Observe social distancing if you are in a public place. Be courteous, as always. If you do find yourself in a public place, stay at least six feet away from others, especially if you are vaping. Don’t blow your vapor towards strangers, whether there is a pandemic or not.
  8. Be considerate. Given the amount of disinformation that exists, other people may not understand the benefit of vaping over smoking. Don’t call attention to yourself or your clouds of vapor.
  9. Stay healthy. If you’ve taken up vaping to quit smoking, congratulations! Pay attention to your health, especially during this difficult time. Get plenty of sleep, exercise daily and try to maintain some sort of social contact for your mental well-being, even if it’s only a digital chat.
  10. Avoid stores as much as possible. Minimize social contact everywhere. Go to the store as little as possible, and buy online, use curbside pickup or delivery whenever possible. Buy your vape e-liquids and equipment online from a reputable and established vape retailer.

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