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Is it Safe to Go to Treatment During the Pandemic?

You may be thinking of going to rehab, Atlanta is a state which has an abundance of rehabs. If you are going to Detox, Atlanta is sure to be able to facilitate this also. Atlanta has been bowled over by the opioid epidemic in the past two decades, and drug addiction numbers are still climbing.

Drug addiction in Atlanta is on par with or worse than the rest of the United States in terms of rates of those addicted.

If you are going to go to rehab, there is a concern that you may have. Covid-19 has been spreading rapidly around the world. The highly contagious respiratory disease has completely disrupted life as we knew it. It has impacted every facet of our lives, including the aspects of addiction and recovery. People who are suffering from substances use disorders are particularly vulnerable to covid-19 and both the physical health and mental health of recovering addicts is under threat.

In these times, is it still safe for people to start or continue with addiction treatment?What are the safest options from alcohol and drug rehab while the pandemic is ongoing?

Coronavirus and physical health

Alcohol and drug affect the body in many different ways. They cause harm to the internal organs and weaken user’s immune systems. Vital organs are damaged by the toxic substances which are present in street drugs. Alcohol affects the liver and the pancreas and causes brain damage. Smoking of tobacco or any illegal drugs can comprise lung function.

When a person who is healthy becomes infected by covid-19, their immune system begins to fight the disease, which allows them to recover. For this reason, many people only suffer from mild covid-19 symptoms.

However, if a person who is affected by drug addiction or alcohol abuse is infected with covid-19, their comprised immune system and reduced lung capacity can put them at risk of a more harmful covid-19 illness.

Covid-19 and mental health

The widespread impact of covid-19 has led to dramatically increased levels of stress and anxiety for many. People with pre-existing mental health issues risk worsening symptoms in these uncertain times.

The connection between mental health and substance abuse has been established for a long time. Around half of all people with severe mental health disorders also struggle with addictions. When substance use disorders and mental health issues both occur in an individual, it is known as dual diagnosis.

During the pandemic, mental health problems have been exacerbated due to isolation and health concerns. Many first responders and healthcare providers who are on the frontlines of the covid-19 response are facing an emotion toll.

Feelings of fear and guilt are common. These disruptions have interrupted treatment for mental health conditions. Some have increased their drug or alcohol use to cope with stress. This leads to a worsening of mental health problems and is why, despite covid-19, is it important to seek treatment.

Inpatient addiction treatment during the covid-19 pandemic

Some are worried about entering alcohol or drug rehab at the moment due to fear of becoming infected with the virus. However, top residential treatment facilities across the United States are taking all precautions to ensure patient’s safety.

Before starting treatment, clients are questioned about whether they have any symptoms of the virus and are asked about whether they have had contact with anyone who may have had the disease. Patients may have to undergo a covid-19 test before they enter a rehab program. A quarantine period might be warranted while the status of their health is evaluated.

Patients who are in rehab are now being screened and monitored for covid-19 symptoms. If these are present, then they are quarantined to stop the spread of the virus. Inpatient rehab also limits visitors to reduce the risk of covid-19 spreading. Enhanced cleaning is now implemented, especially frequently touched surfaces within public areas. Soap, water and hand sanitizer is now available to all residents.

Physical distancing is maintained to at least 6 feet distance between individuals. Group therapy sessions are kept to a maximum of 10 people. With these measures, drug rehab centers and alcohol treatment facilities make sure treatment can continue in a manner that is both safe and sanitary.


We hope that you can see from reading this article, that if you have a drug addiction, Atlanta Georgia treatment centers are still safe. Both rehab Atlanta, Georgia and detox Atlanta will be able to treat your addictions while minimizing the risk of covid-19 infections.

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