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Can You Take Modafinil Sublingual? Is It Safe?

Modafinil is available in different forms, including oral tablets and sublingual pills. The form taken may determine how fast the effects of the drug will kick in, how long it lasts in the body, and the extent to which it will interact with food, alcohol, or other drugs the user may have taken.

After the orally administered form, the sublingual form is one of the most popular forms of modafinil. But is it safe to take it? Are there any disadvantages? The answers to these questions and more concerning this form of modafinil are given in this article. Read on.

What Is Sublingual Modafinil?

Sublingual modafinil is a form of the drug that is taken by placing the tablet under the tongue to dissolve and get absorbed into the bloodstream through the tiny blood vessels there. Because the drug skips the digestive system and the liver and enters the blood directly, the onset of effects is generally quicker. Thus, this form of modafinil may be ideal for odd shift workers who’d like the effects to kick in as soon as they take it.

Besides the need for a quicker onset of effects, there are other situations or circumstances that may require taking sublingual modafinil. Some of them are as follows:

  • the medication doesn’t absorb well in your stomach;
  • you find swallowing the drug challenging;
  • the effects of the med are usually decreased because of a little too active digestion.

It is worth noting that although this form of modafinil is effective, drinking, eating, or smoking shortly after taking it can affect how well it’ll work.

Is Sublingual Modafinil Safe?

Yes, sublingual modafinil is safe. Many people have used it without experiencing any troubles, and reviews concerning it are generally positive.

However, it is important to understand that it has its drawbacks. For instance, its faster onset of effects could be a problem in a situation in which an individual mistakenly overdoses on it. This would mean concentrated doses of the drug hitting the blood straight up, and it could increase the risk of side effects.

Note that as with other sublingual meds, sublingual modafinil may cause irritation if you have sores in your gums or mouth.

Are Sublingual Drugs Better Than Orally Administered Meds?

Yes and no.

Yes because sublingual absorption of meds is efficient. Sublingual meds do not go through the stomach and its contents; thus, there’s a low chance that they’ll interact negatively with foods, alcohol, or other medications to increase the risk of side effects [1].

What’s more, with sublingual meds, the percentage of each dose that reaches the bloodstream is generally higher than that achieved via oral meds. In essence, a lower dose of a sublingual medication will provide the same effects as the higher strength of a regular oral tablet [2]. Note that the lower the dose of a drug consumed, the lower the chance of adverse effects occurring.

On the other hand, orally administered drug forms prove to be safer and more effective in situations in which the medicine needs to be taken and utilized slowly by the body.

So, to answer the big question: Yes, you can take sublingual modafinil, as it is both safe and effective. However, be sure to avoid it if you have sores in your mouth or don’t really need a quicker onset of effects.

Where to Buy Sublingual Modafinil?

Sublingual modafinil is available online under the brand name Modafil MD. However, as with every other medication, where you buy it from really matters. There are many fake pharmacies that sell counterfeit pills, so unless you’re 100% sure a source is legit, it may be best to save your money.

To buy Modafil MD 200 (Sublingual) safely and affordably, you can check out an online vendor recommended by most nootropic enthusiasts – It has tons of positive customer reviews on trusted review platforms like Trustpilot and Yotpo. It has exceptional customer service, offers fair prices, and provides a 100% money-back guarantee in the event that a parcel doesn’t get delivered. You could also check out other legit pharmacies like ModafinilXL and FoxDose, as they equally have a proven track record.


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