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Root Canal Convos: Exactly What Happens
if You Don't Get a Root Canal?

root canal symptoms

Your dentist recommended a root canal but you're feeling a little worried about the procedure. That's normal!

But good oral health is an important part of your overall physical health and it shouldn't be overlooked. And if you wait too long for the root canal procedure, it could make the situation worse.

What to know exactly what happens if you don't get a root canal? Keep reading to find out!


Root canal symptoms include pain and inflammation. When infections reach the inside of your tooth (sometimes called the pulp) your tooth can become very sensitive. Suddenly, eating and drinking can be painful.

If left untreated, the pain and inflammation from the damaged tooth and surrounding area can get worse. You can manage the pain with anti-inflammatory medicine, but it's not a long term solution.


What happens if you don't get a root canal? Infection.

The damage to your tooth, including the pulp and nerves can cause a serious infection. And while antibiotics may be able to help, it won't completely cure the infection or prevent it from getting worse over time.

In serious cases, an infection may impact other organs and arteries causing other health problems. Root canals stop the infection and prevent it from spreading.

Losing the Tooth

Losing teeth when you're a kid is fun, but it's not the same as an adult. And if you leave an infected tooth long enough, the damage could be so bad that you have to get rid of the whole tooth.

Some people are nervous about root canals because they think it will be painful or that recovery will take a long time. The truth is that if you don't get the root canal and you have to get the tooth pulled, that's going to hurt too. So, it's better to deal with a minimal problem today than to wait for a major problem down the line.

Having a tooth pulled and replaced can also be expensive. Consider the root canal as a way to save money and recovery time.

It Won't Go Away

As convenient as it is to avoid going to the dentist for a root canal, it's a necessity. When you visit your dentist, they will explain when to get a root canal and how to get a root canal. But they will never tell you to just wait it out.

No matter how much brushing and flossing you do, you can't undo the infection in your tooth without a root canal.

Get a Root Canal

Hopefully, these words were enough to convince you that it's time to get a root canal. Dental technology has come a long way and the procedure won't be nearly as bad as you've built it up to be in your head.

Don't wait for the infection to get worse or to spread. Call your dentist and make an appointment.

You can find more health and wellness articles like this one on the blog - check it out!

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