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Today, I Eat Consciously

By Orsolya Riszt

Your body is the castle that houses your Soul. Respect your castle and realize how precious it is...

  • Nourish it with healthy food.
  • Enjoy everything you put into your mouth.
  • Plan your meals.

Start your conscious eating at the nearest farmers’ market and allow the array of colors to inspire you. All colors in nature are important so choose carefully and try to include as many colors of the rainbow in your diet as you can.

Please your taste buds regularly with foods from the four major taste groups: bitter, salty, sweet and sour.

Stop whatever else you’re doing when you eat! If you’re watching TV, you’re not eating consciously, and therefore your mind doesn’t register it, so the chances are that you’ll be hungry again soon afterwards.

Feed your stomach and not your emotions!

Emotions determine where the calories go, so if you’re stressed, take your time and say “I choose to feel calm and comfortable when I eat.”

Obviously the quantity is as important as the quality. When you serve yourself the food, ask your stomach: “Is that enough?” and if you listen it will give you the answer.

When you begin your meal, take your time and enjoy the colors, the form and the appetizing aroma of the food … then focus on the temperature, the texture and the flavor.

Chew your food properly and don't rush it. Remember, your tummy doesn't have teeth! - proper digestion begins in the mouth.

Add love to the ingredients every time you prepare a meal for yourself, family or friends.

Orsolya Orsolya Riszt has lived a very intense and varied life. She taught at the Technical University of Budapest and then moved to Italy with her family. After experiencing some significant downturns in her life, she discovered the value and power of personal development and in the past few years she has developed the version of Trans4mind in Hungarian language and moved to France, living next door now to Peter Shepherd. By learning to be focused, to live in the moment, to take responsibility for her actions and reactions, to handle and direct her thoughts and emotions - in short, through personal development - she dared to be herself again. And she is deeply convinced that anybody can make such a transformation. To help that happen, Orsolya has written 'The Little Book of Mindfulness' - details below.
And see Orsolya's website: Shine Consciously.

The Little Book of Mindfulness:
Mental and Spiritual Sit-ups
By Orsolya Riszt with Fiona Truman
Shine Consciously
I gained amazing insights on the path of my own personal development journey but I soon realized that I needed daily practice in order to integrate those insights into my life. I reached a point when I understood that the key was to live consciously in the present moment - but I didn’t know how to!
After some initial successes, the question then became: How can I lengthen the period of time when I’m focused and I don’t hear the constant, ’uncontrollable’ chatter in my mind? You will find the answers in this mini-book.
I discovered a series of exercises that are both effective and a lot of fun. They will help you to become fully present – to live a fuller, more conscious life.
In addition, by doing my mental ‘sit-ups’ (as I chose to call the exercises), I realized how:
  • My memory and my efficiency improved
  • My physical sensations were enhanced - my vision became clearer and my hearing sharpened
  • I became more self-confident and less self-critical
  • Prioritizing became easier
  • I learned to find time for the things that were important to me
  • I found more pleasure and satisfaction in my chosen activities.
If I was able to do this, so can you!
I’m sure you’ll experience similar changes in yourself and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others: you’ll be more self-assured, focused and productive. You’ll begin to enjoy exercising personal choice and taking responsibility for those choices, while fully giving yourself up to the present moment.
In this short book, I will lead you through not only the exercises themselves but also their positive impact on your life - day after day, week after week, month after month, and for the rest of your life! Learn more here...
The Little Book of Mindfulness

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