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Developing a Healthy Style of Living

healthy style

By Tara Riddle

An incredibly important part of anyone's life is the development of a healthy living style. In order to achieve your goals and stay happy, you have to commit to wellness. Personal health is gained in a number of ways, but there are a few key components that are universal. In order to acquire a healthier way of living, follow these simple guidelines and prepare to feel amazing.

DO: Exercise daily

Although it does not seem realistic, it truly isn't difficult to make exercise a part of your daily life. Determine which areas you want to improve the most, and find simple, at-home workouts that you are able to do for them. Schedule time in the morning or at night, if necessary, to get these easy exercises completed. You don't have to worry about long hours in the gym or complex machinery if you commit to a regular schedule of simple, easy workouts.

DO: Watch your diet closely

A common misconception is that a healthy living style requires a strict diet or the elimination of carbohydrates, sweets or fats. Instead, you are able to achieve a better level of overall health and wellness if you watch your diet and pay attention to your body. Talk to your doctor about common signs of malnutrition and foods to help with energy, bodily functions, sleep and soreness. Eat all kinds of foods in moderation, and make slight adjustments if you feel that your body needs more or less of a specific vitamin or nutrient group. It's also important to avoid alcohol as much as possible. If you are drinking too much, consider seeking help.

DON'T: Ignore your sleep

One of the most important parts of living a healthy lifestyle is to get enough sleep. Don't allow yourself to get fewer than eight hours each night or to "catch-up" when you feel fatigued. Sleep allows the body to re-cooperate from daily stress and grow stronger.

DON'T: Forget about your mind

A key component to any healthy life is mental and spiritual happiness. Never forget to give yourself time to work on your hobbies, personal goals and restful activities to achieve a sound mind. Don't ignore your personal happiness when life becomes busy. Instead, make sure that there is time each day that you are able to rest and complete an activity that makes you feel accomplished and fulfilled. This aids in physical health and your ability to get good sleep.

Working on your personal health is both admirable and vital. You have to be willing to set aside time and energy for your wellness routine, but the rewards are amazing. Follow these easy tips for achieving a healthy living style.

DO: Stretch Daily

Often overlooked, stretching should be a part of your pre and post exercise routine. As we age, stretching becomes even more crucial. Tightening of tendons, and muscles as we age reduces flexibility and mobility. With a potential reduction in mobility and stability when walking or running, this can lead to falls and cause serious injury as we get older.

Even if you only allow yourself 10 minutes a day for stretching this can reap huge health benefits. Performing stretch routines doesn't have to be boring. Practicing yoga can have the same benefits as performing the usual static stretch routines. Stretching and yoga routines are best performed when your muscles are warm, so a post workout stretch holding poses for 10 to 30 seconds can have a huge boost to the range of motion around your joints. As well as the physical benefits, stretching can have a strong imact on your mental health. As a form of meditation, clearing your mind and being mindful when holding poses can reduce anxiety and stress levels for the longterm.

DO: Wear Appropriate Fitness Clothing

Your choice of clothing while working out can really make a difference to you your physical results and mental focus. Choose activewear that you feel comfortable in and purposefullydesigned to get sweaty in. Forget the scruffy old cotton t-shirts you wear to dig in the yard. Garment technology has advanced 10-fold over the last decade and you should be taking advanatge of the benefits the latest synthetic performance fabrics can reap. Training in breathable and light weight fabrics like polyester can allow for moisture to be wicked away from the body due to its non-absorbant properties. If moisture can evaporate away from the body quickly this means heat is taken with it allowing your body to more efficiently regulate temperature, keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable. Whether your in the squat rack or jogging on the sidewalk having more efficient heat control means you will be able to workout longer and harder thus getting you to your goals quicker.

Choosing a sleeveless top like a men's tank top from Anax, can also allow for increased range of motion and flexibility without the usual restriction of sleeves when wearing a gym t-shirt. Choosing a flexible gym legging or short over stiffer fabrics can also boost your mobility and comfort.

Tara Riddle (email) was born and raised in Austin, Texas and works as a professional writer for Essay4Students service.

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