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How To Revitalise The Liver After
Chronic Alcohol Consumption

alcohol consumption

By Lynda Arbon

Heavy drinking is one of the leading causes of liver damage in humans. As drinking has now become commonplace in today’s world, most people tend to underestimate the detrimental effects of alcohol on the liver. As the liver plays a crucial role in almost all of the bodily functions in humans, the overall health of the body is affected, once this vital organ has developed complaints.

For obtaining a fitting solution to every problem, it is first necessary to understand the problem itself. Hence, before getting into the details of the treatment of alcoholic liver diseases, it is paramount to know the ill-effects of alcohol on this precious organ.

How Alcohol Wrecks Liver Health?

The liver is considered a workhorse performing over 500 roles within the human body. The major functions of this organ being the removal of harmful toxins and maintenance of a healthy level of blood sugar in the body.

Every time a person consumes alcohol, a chemical known as acetaldehyde is introduced to the body. Acetaldehyde is a potential carcinogen that can wreak havoc in the body. This chemical is also known for damaging liver cells by causing scars, which eventually leads to a medical condition known as Liver Cirrhosis.

Moreover, alcohol saps the water content in the body. As Liver requires a sufficient level of water content for an optimal body functioning, the shortage of it causes the organ to retrieve fluids from other sources, making the body terribly weak.

What Forms Of Alcoholic Liver Damage Can Be Reversed?

There are three types of liver damage caused by heavy alcohol consumption. The first one is fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease is a condition in which there is a build up of fat deposits in the liver. If one stops drinking, their liver can easily recover fatty liver disease, The liver should return to its normal health on 2 weeks of abstinence.

The second type of liver damage is known as alcoholic hepatitis, which happens when the fatty liver disease causes inflammation in the liver. This is a potentially fatal condition which develops after a prolonged period of drinking. In order to cure alcohol hepatitis, it usually requires good medical treatment along with a healthy lifestyle.

The third type of liver damage is known as liver cirrhosis, which is the most devastating of the three. Liver Cirrhosis is caused when excessive scars are produced in the liver due to heavy alcohol consumption. The advanced stages of liver cirrhosis requires nothing but a liver transplant, though there are chances of early-stage liver cirrhosis to be reversed.

Type Of DiseaseChances Of Recovery
Fatty LiverGood
Alcoholic HepatitisUncertain

Best Ways To Repair The Liver After Years Of Heavy Drinking

One can definitely regain the vitality of the liver by knowing the signs & symptoms of liver disease at an earlier stage, and accommodating a healthy diet to improve their lifestyle. Below are some of the best ways to boost liver functioning.

  1. Gradually Reduce The Drinking
    If one has a problem going cold turkey, this acts as one of the best methods to quit alcohol. By slowly reducing the amount of alcohol intake, one can permanently get rid of this habit over a period of time.

    As the liver process, 90% of the consumed alcohol, a huge amount of pressure is put on this vital organ every time one indulges in drinks. It is therefore important to set total abstinence as the ultimate goal for regaining the liver health.

  2. Get Your Body Moving
    A moderate amount of daily physical exercise can help your body to sweat it out. Sweating releases harmful toxins from the body which eventually lowers the burden on the liver. However, the amount of physical exercise entirely depends on the state of the liver condition. Vigorous exercise is certainly not recommended to people having liver cirrhosis as it may further worsen the weakened condition of the body.
  3. Be Careful Of The Medications
    Every drug you ingest is first processed by the liver. When the medications are taken in excess, it takes a toll on the liver, making it highly detrimental to the overall health. It is paramount that each and every medicine is taken only in the correct dosage.
  4. Adopt A Healthy Diet
    A healthy diet contributes to a healthy liver. The less processed food is in the diet, the more easier it would be for the liver to filter. Likewise, one should add more fruits and vegetables to the diet, which is probably the best natural detoxification method for the liver.

Can Permanent Liver Failure Be Treated?

The only way to restore general wellness in a case like permanent liver failure is by undergoing liver transplant. It is a method that helps save the lives of countless number of people suffering from end-stage disease. Moreover, having received a healthy donor’s liver, the recipients typically have an improved long term health outcomes and faster recovery time.

Having said that, it should also be noted that the liver transplant is the last shot in retaining the functioning of the liver when all other option fails. The best way to boost the vitality of the liver is by pursuing a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

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To Wrap It Up

As the liver is one of the precious organs in the human body, it is vital that one follows a healthy routine and lifestyle to maintain its health. The above mentioned steps work wonders in rejuvenating the liver and it is advised that one should fall back to the old habit of drinking. Alcohol Consumption is a habit that damages not just the liver, but every vital organ present in the body.

About the Author:
Lynda Arbon is a passionate and enthusiastic health blogger. She likes keeping herself updated on health trends and blogs. Her favourite pastime is learning history and solving crossword puzzles. Follow her on Twitter.

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