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Restoring Your Smile with Dental Implants

If you’ve found yourself with an incomplete smile, you may be eager to learn about the most significant solution which millions have relied on to completely transform the look and function of their teeth! That solution, of course, refers to dental implants.

Dental implants draw their reputation from their longevity, fortitude, and sheer capability. This process consists of fusing a titanium post into the jawbone, and then topping it off with a resilient artificial tooth crafted from high quality materials. If cared for properly; an implant can last upwards of 25 years and provide you the restored sense of function your smile craves, often proven to be stronger than natural teeth!


Being such a life changing procedure, you’re going to need a substantial reason to receive a dental implant. Even though these scenarios are unfortunate when they occur, look at the bright side, you’ll get an amazing replacement as a result!

Let’s review some of the common circumstances which restorative procedures such as implants are designed to rectify.

Missing a Tooth or Two

For a range of reason, many people at some point in their lifetime could lose a tooth, or even multiple teeth. Now faced with the unfortunate situation of an incomplete smile; patients will struggle with their social confidence alongside the impediment created when chewing and grinding food.

Dental implants not only replace a natural tooth, but do so incredibly well! As previously mentioned, these artificial teeth are near permanent and extremely resilient, not only restoring a smiles function- but even enhancing it. If you’ve lost a tooth, instead of settling with the ramifications, it’s encouraged you speak with a dental professional well-versed in implants to recomplete your smile.

If Tooth Decay Gets the Best of You

Tooth decay may present differently from patient to patient since it is a spectrum after all. The initial stages are commonly associated with cavities. Keep in mind, a cavity will inevitably worsen if not attended to immediately. Growing larger over time, the cavity will spread and penetrate deeper into the tooth’s precious inner structure bringing with it severe pain, sensitivity, bleeding, puss, and so on.

If a tooth has been the victim of severe tooth decay, it may be too late to save it’s integrity and you may consider professionally extracting the tooth. That’s where implants play a role; with the natural tooth gone, it opens up the perfect space and opportunity to restore that spot with a new artificial member completely immune to future tooth decay development!

Dentures Just Don’t Cut it

Dentures are great alternative solutions to patients missing large swaths of teeth. To a certain extent they restore function with a sense of flexibility and freedom, yet remain fragile and less capable than permanent methods like implants.

Again, implants fuse into the fabric of your smile by replacing the tooth’s root and are constructed from incredible materials. Dentures may pose as a cheaper alternative, being more sensible for people missing all or most of their teeth. However, if a dental professional informs you that your smile is viable to receive implants, you should pursue them, and enjoy the decades of permanent benefits!

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