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Important Components to Look for in a
Residential Drug Treatment Program

Residential Drug Treatment Program

Once you’ve made the decision to seek help for your addiction, you’ll want to make sure you find the right detox facility to help you safely navigate early sobriety and the challenges that it brings.

Future Now Detox offers outstanding drug detoxification services, along with therapeutic treatment designed to help patients through early recovery and beyond. For those seeking additional support after the initial detoxification phase, prescription drug rehab is available.

What is Detoxification?

Drug detoxification is the removal of toxins from the body that are a result of drugs and/or alcohol. Detoxification can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It’s extremely important to undergo medical drug detoxification when quitting the use of drugs and/or alcohol.

With some substances, the detox phase may be relatively mild but for others, it can be dangerous and even deadly. Different people experience drug detox in different ways as well, so the withdrawal symptoms will manifest in different ways. This unpredictability makes it even more important to seek the help of medical professionals when stopping the use of drugs.

Future Now Detox offers quality drug detox services provided by a staff that is specifically trained to handle the symptoms of withdrawal. Our medical staff is able to ensure the drugs safely leave your system, and you are kept comfortable throughout the process.

Common Drugs

Withdrawals are a concern when it comes to the detoxification process for most drugs. While the symptoms patients experience varies in intensity, it’s best to seek medical help to ensure safety throughout the detoxification process. Don’t wait until the symptoms become unbearable! Instead, check into a medical detox facility as soon as you decide to begin your journey of sobriety.

Below are some common drugs that require medical detoxification and what to expect:


Benzodiazepines (benzos) are prescription medications used for the treatment of panic disorders, anxiety, seizures, and epilepsy. While they are effective when used as prescribed, they can become dangerous when a patient begins to use them recreationally. They are also abused by those that don’t have a prescription and simply enjoy the high they provide. Withdrawal symptoms for benzo withdrawal include vomiting, pain, nausea, sleeplessness, and more. Benzos are very difficult to quit, so a patient should seek medical support when coming off of the drug.


Xanax is a drug that is prescribed to help patients with anxiety. It offers relief during difficult moments. It also provides a high that patients can become addicted to. Some Xanax users also purchase it illegally to abuse it. The withdrawal side effects of Xanax are severe, and it’s impossible for many patients to quit on their own. Some of the withdrawal symptoms for Xanax include insomnia, depression, vomiting, and more. It’s extremely important to seek medical assistance when quitting Xanax. Check into a facility like Future Now Detox for support.


Heroin is extremely addictive and can be deadly. Overdose from heroin is not uncommon. Heroin withdrawal is also amongst the most difficult. Users often experience aches, hallucinations, fever, and more. If you have decided to quit the use of heroin, it is imperative to seek medical assistance for your own safety.

Other Substances

Other substances that require a medical detox include:

  • Methadone
  • Opioids
  • Meth
  • Cocaine
  • Oxycodone

If you are stopping the use of any of these substances, reach out to the admissions team at Future Now Detox. We are here to help you through this difficult time and ensure your safety.

Important Components to Look for in a Residential Drug Treatment Program

When you are choosing the right residential drug treatment program, there are a few things that you’ll want to consider. These include:

  • A staff that cares about your success. Every member of the staff at the residential drug treatment program you are considering should care about your success. From the admissions team to the medical staff and everyone in-between, the right facility will be there to help you every step of the way.
  • Comprehensive treatment. Look for a facility that has a comprehensive treatment program. This includes a variety of therapeutic treatment options, holistic care, and a quality detox program. Your mental, physical, and spiritual needs should all be met.
  • Community. Recovery is best done with the help of others. Community has been shown to be one of the biggest indicators for a successful recovery from drugs and/or alcohol. The right treatment program will offer opportunities for patients to connect with others and share their experiences. This includes group therapy and other therapeutic methods that focus on a group environment.
  • Skill development. Learning new skills allows those in recovery to feel a sense of accomplishment and build their self-esteem. On top of this, skill development keeps patients occupied. Many patients in early recovery find themselves bored and restless. This can lead to poor decision-making. By developing a new skill, patients are able to stay busy, have fun, learn, and grow.
  • Insurance coverage. If you have health insurance, speak with the admissions team at the facility you are considering to see if they take your insurance. If not—or if you don’t have insurance—ask about other methods of payment that are available.

Therapies Offered at Future Now

Future Now Detox believes in a multifaceted approach in which patients are given the tools they need to not only make it through early recovery but succeed in the long term. The therapies offered by Future Now include:

  • Mental Health Therapy. Mental health is an extremely important aspect of recovery. Addiction is a disease, and it often coincides with other mental health issues (this is called “dual diagnosis”). The mental health therapy provided by Future Now empowers patients by providing them with tools to overcome cravings, while also giving them the opportunity to process the underlying issues that led to their drug addiction.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic method that is designed to help patients to recognize the negative thought and behavior patterns that encourage their drug use and have a negative impact on their mental health. By recognizing these patterns and behaviors, patients are able to replace them with positive, helpful patterns of behavior and thought.
  • Art Therapy. Art therapy allows patients to express themselves while also learning a skill. Many patients love the freedom and exploration that art therapy provides them with. Along with the mental health benefits art therapy provides, it is also a lot of fun! Patients need something they enjoy doing to keep themselves occupied during early recovery. Art therapy is a fun activity that keeps patients engaged, provides relaxation, and encourages mindfulness.
  • Group Therapy. At Future Now, we find patients have a higher chance of success when they are able to form bonds and build a community amongst their peers. We highly encourage these connections. Group therapy allows patients to open up and share their struggles with early recovery surrounded by others that understand their struggle. It also helps with accountability and keeping patients on track.
  • Meditation Therapy. It can be easy for a patient in early recovery to focus too much on the past or future. This can be distressing. Meditation therapy allows patients to stay in the present moment and let go of the future and past. Instead, they practice mindfulness, which brings a sense of peace, calm, and serenity.

With these diverse therapeutic methods, we find that we are able to heal patients in a more comprehensive way. It is our goal for our patients to graduate from our facility with the tools they need to stay sober and better enjoy their new life of sobriety.

More About Future Now Detox

Future Now Detox is a medical detoxification and rehabilitation facility focused on patients with drug addiction. We focus on providing our patients with a safe environment where they can detoxify under the supervision of trained medical staff. We also offer top-quality mental health services to address not only the physical part of addiction, but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual.

We pride ourselves on the compassion and care we provide our patients with. It is our goal to stay vigilant and have a positive impact on each and every patient that walks through our doors. Each patient is special to us, and we root for their success. We help patients to build their confidence, break the cycle of addiction, and learn the tools they need to succeed in the long term. It’s about a full transformation—not just getting off of drugs and/or alcohol.

Contact Future Now Detox

If you are looking to start your journey of recovery, Future Now Detox is here to help. We offer medical detox services to ensure your safety and comfort during the detoxification process, along with various forms of therapy to help with long-term sobriety.

For any questions about our programs, visit our website today, or reach out. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and get you started on your recovery journey.

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