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7 Ways to Get Relief from Lower Back Pain

By Andrew Mason

One of the most commonly experienced difficulties that people face is pain in the lower back. Many factors are responsible for acute or chronic lower back pain. A few of them can be old age, obesity, improper sitting, sleeping positions, and physical strain.

Following a healthy lifestyle is one of the best methods to avoid this problem. Consuming healthy food and exercising on a regular basis is key to a painless life. However, regardless of taking precautions, some may not be able to escape lower back pain.

Here are the seven ways that can help you to get relief from lower back pain:

1. Heat and Cold Therapy:

Applying heat in the lower back region soothes the pain. The heat from a heating pad or a heating belt increases the blood flow in that region, encouraging quick healing. Heat therapy also helps in releasing muscle tension and reduces pain effectively.

While heat therapy works well for chronic pain, cold therapy does the same for acute pain. Ice packs, ice wraps, or gel packs give a good sensation. In cold therapy, ice should not be applied directly or for an extended period of time, as it causes a pricking pain.

In certain cases, alternating between cold and heat therapy will drastically reduce the pain. Consulting your doctor before using these therapies will help you to reduce the pain more effectively.

back pain

2. TENS Machine:

The transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) is a small machine that has two or more electrodes. The electrodes are placed on a painful portion of the body. The electrodes send electrical impulses into the body with different levels of intensity, which can be adjusted based on personal choice.

The TENS machine provides many benefits, also, it's a great way to reduce pain as the electrical impulses act as a barrier and stop the pain signals from reaching the brain. The impulses also widen the blood vessels and increase the blood flow in that area. Pain caused by physical exertion, injuries, or muscle strains will also be treated.

back pain

3. Massager:

Sometimes the pain is not as deep-rooted as one imagines it to be. A well-done massage will ease the pain like no other alternative. Massages reduce muscle pain; increases blood flow, and relax the body on the whole.

There are different ways how you can get the rest you need by giving your body a good massage. A massage chair works for the entire body with different styles of massage options, whereas back massagers individually work on your back pain.

back pain

4. Acupuncture:

This is a style of therapy that works on various points on your back that is causing pain. Needles are used for increasing the energy flow so that the pain can be handled well.

Acupuncture has been an age-old process, and many people have found a cure for their back pain with it. Acupuncture is believed to delay the pain signal and release opioids in the brain.

If the idea of needles is not welcoming to you, there are other options like acupressure mats. They are similar to acupuncture and have points that press into your back when you sleep on it. The person instantly feels better after using this product.

back pain

5. Pain Relief Gel:

There are a number of pain relief creams that help you when applied to the painful area. Pain relief gels are very commonly used as they are focused on a more specific area than other ways.

They can also come as creams and roll-ons. Gels can be used while massaging to enhance their effect. However, before purchasing any gel, it is important to look at the ingredients.

The contents in the gel will inform you of their function. Based on this, you can be the judge of what you will choose to be applied to the skin and also be aware of anything you are allergic to.

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6. Lumbar Support:

Lumbar support is an attachment that you can have to any chair that you sit on. It is a cushion that presses against the small portion of your back to give the spine support. The back supporters can also be used with different chairs.

If the lower back pain is a result of a slouching posture, this will put you in the habit of sitting straight.

back pain

7. Back Braces:

Similar to lumbar support, back braces provide support and reduces the pressure that falls on the spine, especially in a sitting posture. They are easily available and can be carried around and used whenever needed.

back pain

Above mentioned methods are safe and help to reduce lower back pain, and should be used regularly to find rewarding results.

About the Author:
Andrew Mason is a Fitness Expert at Tens Machine UK, who loves to write about health and fitness. He is a coffee addict and a bibliophile too.
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