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Reliable Online Sites for Reviewing Supplements

Buying supplements online can be a quite challenging task, especially if you're new at this. Due to increased interest in the field of supplements and nootropics, many sites are offering quality nootropics, even though not all are really quality in most cases. To get the most out of those supplements and to stay on the safe side, you have to do your research and buy only from those that provenly offer reliable supplements of high-quality.

What to keep in mind when buying supplements from different sites?

Nowadays it's easy to create an attractive page with a good-looking shop, outsource production of supplements and then market them as the best on the market. Anyone can do that, and in fact, there are many brands like this.

However, it's much harder to actually have quality products and get many recommendations, testimonials, reviews, build up great customer support or having the resources to put the products in the lab and test them. 

The first thing to keep in mind is reviews and recommendations. By choosing sites that have many quality reviews, it's a clear sign that other people trust them. And that's a good way to go. 

The second thing is to gather as much information about the supplier as possible. Check out their policies and standards, as well as the pricing of the products. Stay away from the underpriced products which go especially for nootropic stacks. That's because if the product is too cheap, it probably means that the ingredients aren't the best quality. 

The third thing to keep in mind is a shipping process and customer support. Suppliers can offer a variety of products, but if they don't ship to your country, that doesn't serve you. If your country isn't on the list, try contacting them - you'll see how their customer support is doing, and maybe they can add the country on their list. It can be a win-win.

But what if you don’t want to do the research by yourself?

The most trustworthy sites that review supplements:


Labdoor is an American company that buys products off retail shelves and online sites and then sends a sample of each product to an FDA-registered laboratory for analysis. Hence, they find out if supplements contain what they claim to contain. After they get the results from the laboratory, they combine it with the label claims and create a quality score for the product. 

They are mainly focused on simpel supplements, from B-Complex supplements to green tea and probiotics. They have 36 categories of reviewed products, so if you need specific information about different supplements, it's a good way to start gathering information there.

Consumer Lab

Consumer Lab is also an American company that is on the market for more than 20 years and provides results and information about health and nutrition products. They buy supplements from public storefronts, test them, and create a report about it. 

They are mainly focused on herbal products, vitamins, minerals, prescription medications, and sports products. Besides supplements, they also test and review some foods and beverages as well as personal care products.

Your Inception

Your Inception is an online platform that researches, experiment, and test different supplements - from single nootropics to nootropic stacks that are meant to improve your cognition, sleep, and overall health.

They take the most popular supplements in every niche and analyze 30-50 different factors, from product formulation quality, ingredients quality, price/performance ratio to short and long term effects, etc. Moreover, they also provide personal tests, subjective experience, and product comparisons.

After analyzing the objective and subjective factors, the algorithm then calculates the final score. So, this is another trusthwothy site that reviews supplements.


No matter if you are going to trust others with reviewing supplements, or will you do it by yourself, do take time to evaluate all supplements you are going to take. It is very important to minimize all potential risks by buying high-quality and well-researched products.

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