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Passing the Time: 5 Relaxing Activities
You Can Do During Quarantine

Passing the Time

The pandemic has indeed brought many changes to how we live life today. The COVID-19 sure is a mind-spinning event for everyone. Not only has this pandemic brought everyone home, but it also restricted outdoor activities we truly enjoyed before. Thus, we must take advantage of this challenging time. Furthermore, let this be the time to look back on ourselves, improve, and enjoy little things we couldn’t take advantage of before.

We often neglect the idea of staying home, as some people equate it to not knowing what to do. Some people may enjoy their free time but some wouldn’t. Either way, everyone’s goal today is to keep safe and sane. You are probably thinking, “how would I make the best of this present situation?” Throw out all the worries! Here, we will provide you with relaxing activities you can enjoy during quarantine.

1. Pick a New Hobby

Having a hobby during this quarantine is essential in order to survive each day. It could be learning a new instrument or starting to draw. Having something you enjoy doing can indeed ease stress and boredom while at home. Furthermore, you can also use the time to learn some new things. It could be learning a new language or learning how to cook. Whatever it is, you are still giving yourself a favor to relax and improve.

Simple things like doodling and coloring can be your option too! Creating your own symmetrical pattern or breaking out your coloring book is helpful. It can help lead to a meditative state and eventually reduce anxiety. You can also enjoy scented soy candles while doing some table work to feel more relaxed and calm.

2. Exercise

Everyone aims to be physically and mentally healthy today. In some locations, fitness centers are still closed. Although being physically active is hard to achieve at home, you can still do it your way. The World Health Organization recommends about 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity. Furthermore, they also recommend doing some vigorous-intensity physical activities for 75 minutes each week.

Even without tools and equipment, you can still achieve the recommendations at home. Doing physical activities is an advantage to help you remain calm and healthy. Here are some of the exercises you can do to stay active:

  • Online Exercise Class - Take advantage of the free online applications which help you do an exercise routine. Just be cautious and aware if you are unfamiliar with some exercises.
  • Walk - You can still do the walk even in small spaces of your home. You can walk while you talk with someone on the phone. Simple actions yet helpful!
  • Stand Up - Stand up whenever you have the chance to. Do it at least every 30 minutes.

3. Communicate With Friends and Family

This can be the best time to say “hi” to your friends and spend some time with family! The pandemic has given us a chance to catch up and make more memories with special people. Although we can’t be physically in touch with them, social media is there to back us up. You can enjoy some good online movies together with your friends! Furthermore, you can also communicate through video chatting with faraway family members.

There is no doubt that social media has become one of the best ways to overcome these hard times. It is also the time when we can celebrate small things with the people we love. It’s on us how we can deeply connect with them. Do ways where we can extraordinarily express our love other than hugs and kisses. Staying connected with people despite all the challenges today is essential to enjoy the quarantine life somewhat.

4. Listen to Good Music

Whatever you want to do, music can be your best partner. Whether you just mainly want to enjoy some “me” time or while doing some exercise, you can play your favorite jam! This can be a great way to make every activity more fun and exciting. Do your own concert and make your life so much better in no time.

Music doesn’t only make the mood brighter. It is also helpful for your mental health. Furthermore, you can also find some good books and read them while listening. Nothing can surely beat the feeling of getting lost in a good and meaningful book.

5. Sleep

The quarantine can be your best time to aim for a longer sleep. Sleep is also helpful to achieve a healthier body and mind. Use this time to relax your body and regain the energy you have lost. An adult requires around seven to eight hours of good sleep. Remember not to sleep too little or too much also to make yourself physically active.


Given the current situation, it is tough to go out and enjoy the things we usually like. Thus, it is essential to look for something that can make us happy and healthy, especially during quarantine. Remember that health is the most important thing today. Let this be your time to explore, develop what you want, and understand what your body and mind genuinely want and need.

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