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Relaxed Sleep: All About Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress

NASA first designed memory foam mattresses during the 1970s. Its first purpose was to counteract the extreme pressure felt when leaving and entering Earth. Today, it’s commonly used in furniture, pillows, and mattresses.

After a tiring day at work or in school, the thing most of us want to do is lay down in bed and rest. A mattress has a significant impact on our lives; it’s only practical that we conduct research on it and ponder which bed would suit us the most. Read on below to get to know more about memory foam.

Different Types of Memory Foam

Foam mattresses have three types: open-cell, gel-infused, and traditional. Let’s take a quick look at its differences:

  • Open-cell. These beds are like traditional memory foam mattresses but with a different internal system. It allows for better air movement, so it doesn’t trap heat.
  • Gel-infused. These beds absorb body heat and release it throughout your sleep. It’s one of the best mattresses on the market! You can experience the coolness of the gel and the comfort of a memory foam bed.
  • Traditional. These are pretty common in households. However, due to the complaints made by customers that these beds trap heat, the first two mattresses were manufactured to resolve the issue.

Sleeping Positions and Memory Foam Beds

Thankfully, memory foam mattresses suit all sleeping positions. Still, the preferred firmness level will depend on how you sleep. A bed’s firmness level will also depend on your weight and comfort preferences.

These are the benefits of memory foam mattresses for each sleeping position:

  • Side sleepers. The bed distributes your weight and supports your hips and shoulders to maintain proper spinal alignment.
  • Back sleepers. It offers incredible lumbar support for these sleepers. It can also warm you up on cold winter nights.
  • Front sleepers. These beds can support your back’s natural curve, which lessens the pressure on your lower back.

What are the benefits of a memory foam mattress?

Read on below to know some of the reasons why memory foam mattress has gained their way to most households:

Relieves pressure in one’s body

Memory foam beds equally distribute your weight, which reduces pressure from the heavy parts of one’s body. It also helps alleviate pain and aches from a tiring day, which most consumers look for in a mattress.

Minimal transfer of movement

Do you have to share your mattress with a partner? With memory foam beds, you won’t have to worry about waking up at night by their sudden movements! These beds can contour your body, thus, establishing your personalized zone.

Resistant to dust mites

Memory foam mattresses utilize a Vivo-elastic structure, making it impossible for dust mites to penetrate your mattress. This bed is perfect for individuals with allergies since it provides a cleaner and high-quality sleep.

Optimal comfort and back support

One of the best things about memory foam mattresses is their incredible support and comfortability. Memory foam is famous for its ability to contour one’s body. This ability encourages desired spinal alignment, making you feel well-rested the next day!

What are the problems with memory foam beds?

Like how a mattress has its benefits, it also has its problems. Only through reading its cons can you determine if you can live with it or find better ones.

Some mattresses trap heat.

Many consumers complain about how these mattresses tend to trap heat during their sleep. But thankfully, thanks to the latest inventions, manufacturers utilize modern technology to control the temperature.

Although, it would be in your best interest to check whether the mattress you want to buy has a gel layer. Adding a gel top layer is one of the methods used to ensure that the bed won’t trap heat.

It has a strong odor.

Many customers complain about the chemical-like smell of memory foam beds. The production of such odor is called off-gassing, which comes from how manufacturers made these beds. The scent can last days and weeks, so be sure to air out the mattress before using it since it can irritate.

It can be pricey.

Due to the production process of these beds, they tend to cost slightly higher than average. Indeed, memory foam beds are durable and comfortable, but they don’t sell cheap. Before purchasing this type of bed, you have to ensure if the price tag is worth it.

It’s heavy.

Memory foam beds are difficult to move around due to their weight. It’s impossible for just one person to carry this dense foam bed. So if you plan on flipping or rearranging your mattress, be sure to ask for help from peers.

How long do they last?

The lifespan of a mattress will depend on how you take care of it and its quality. For hygiene reasons, you should renew your mattress every seven years. Dust mites can’t penetrate the bed. However, dust mites might accumulate on the bed’s surface after seven years.

A mattress is an investment in your overall health, so keeping an over ten-year-old bed can cause health problems due to the dust. Keep your bedroom safe, clean, and fresh by changing out old mattresses.

Final Thoughts

Due to memory foam’s personalized pressure relief, support, and especially comfort, it’s no wonder that these beds are still popular among households. If you plan on purchasing a memory foam, be sure to keep the things mentioned above in mind!

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