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Relationship Between Diet and ED

A small disturbance causes ED (Erectile Dysfunction) in the body's mechanisms.

Of course, mental factors such as "I have failed in sexual intercourse before" can be considered, but if you do not have such an idea, please doubt your daily diet.

The reason why diet is related to ED is "arteriosclerosis". If you continue to have a disordered diet, blood will become muddy, and that blood will damage your blood vessels' walls.

Damaged blood vessels become thicker to repair them, resulting in a narrower blood path.

The narrower the passage, the higher the blood vessel load, and the more challenging it is to withstand the pressure. This is the so-called "arteriosclerosis" symptom.

When arteriosclerosis is caused, it becomes difficult for blood to flow efficiently, and the blood supply to the penis is insufficient.

Relationship Between Diet and ED

Arteriosclerosis is one of the leading causes of ED.

If you eat only foods high in fat and sugar, your blood will become muddy, and this arteriosclerosis will be more likely to occur.

Primarily animal fats such as meat and fish raise the cholesterol level in blood and cause various blood troubles.

Of course, meat and fish are not necessarily rotten for your health, but avoid excessive intake if you improve or prevent ED.

If you look back on your healthy eating habits and the following applies, you need to improve!

  • Most of the meal is meat
  • I don't eat much vegetables or soy
  • I like sweets and greasy foods
  • Drink juice better than water or tea
  • I do not cook much myself; I mainly eat out
  • I love junk food

Foods that reduce energy

In addition to arteriosclerosis caused by blood muddy, there are cases where ED is caused by pure loss of energy.

This is also related to your healthy diet.

For example, instant foods such as cup ramen and snacks such as potato chips.

These are high in food additives.

Food additives are extra to the body, so they consume zinc and various vitamins to break them down.

Lack of this zinc and vitamins led to decreased energy, leading to decreased erectile capacity and decreased sperm volume.

This is a life-and-death problem, especially since zinc is rarely taken in our healthy diet!

These instant foods also contain trans-fatty acids that impair blood flow, which can also contribute to ED.

People who are generally busy with work tend to be biased toward instant foods that are easy to eat, but if you are suffering from ED, try to improve this first!

Foods that are effective in improving ED

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, but here is the main subject!

I want to introduce recommended foods to those who are already suffering from ED, who are feeling signs of ED, and those who wish to prevent ED in the future.

There are two points to overcome ED: "keep blood smooth" and "take a strong source of energy."

Keep this point firmly in mind, and remember the food for ED measures!

Foods that smooth blood

A component called catechin contained in tea has the effect of lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels and suppresses the production of active enzymes to improve white blood cells' circulation. Green tea is especially recommended because it is rich in catechins.

Hydration is also useful in keeping your blood dry, so drink tea at least once a day.

Among the fish, blue fish such as mackerel, sardines, saury, bonito, and horse mackerel effectively prevent blood dryness.

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), abundant in bluefish, has the effect of softening and softening blood vessels, and EPA has the effect of preventing blood clots.

It is also highly recommended to remove the causes of muddy blood, such as reducing neutral fat and cholesterol levels.

Alginic acid in wakame seaweed and kelp suppresses the rise in blood sugar and cholesterol levels and prevents the absorption of cholesterol itself.

Also, a component called iodine activates metabolism.

An enzyme called nattokinase, unique to natto has the function of dissolving blood clots.

Also, isoflavones, which are abundant in soybeans, help reduce cholesterol and support excess lipids' discharge, making it essential for smooth blood flow.

Vinegar is rich in citric acid, which prevents platelets' coagulation and eliminates waste products in the blood.

It also affects decomposing fat and cholesterol that have accumulated in the body, which is perfect for preventing arteriosclerosis!

In addition to vinegar, this citric acid is also found in pickled plums.

Mushrooms such as shiitake mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, enoki trees, and orange mushrooms contain a component called β-glucan.

This β-glucan has the function of restoring blood sugar and cholesterol levels to normal. It also has the effect of activating the movement of white blood cells and improving blood circulation.

By the way, β-glucan is contained only in mushrooms.

Vegetables contain abundant vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Especially if you have a diet that is biased toward meat, eating vegetables helps maintain balance and prevent arteriosclerosis. I will.

Carrots and pumpkins are incredibly rich in β-carotene, which helps prevent imperfect cholesterol oxidation, so take it aggressively.

Green onion:
"Allicin," which is the source of the pungent odor peculiar to green onions and onions, has the action of preventing blood clots.

In particular, onions contain ingredients that suppress lipids' absorption and restore blood sugar levels to normal levels, making it essential for arteriosclerosis control.

Foods that improve energy

Regular food intake that keeps blood smooth can prevent arteriosclerosis, which can cause ED, and even eliminate this problem even for those who are already suffering from weak erection.

However, to obtain sufficient erection and pleasure of sexual intercourse, it is necessary to consider not only blood improvement but also energy improvement: "diet to make a lot of sperm."

Speaking of nutrition that is needed to improve energy, there are mainly "protein," "zinc," and "vitamin B group," and also "arginine," and "citrulline."

Here are some foods that contain these useful nutrients

Zinc, which is said to have a high energy-enhancing effect, is synonymous with "sex mineral." The oyster is the ingredient that contains the most zinc.

The recommended daily intake of zinc for an adult male is approximately 9 mg, equivalent to 4 to 5 oysters. Oysters also contain a large amount of "taurine," which is essential for nourishing and tonicity.

You may have heard that "eating eels during a hot summer season prevents the summer bate."

Such eels are rich in various vitamins and zinc and are extremely useful as a source of energy.

Since you can also ingest protein, it is possible to achieve a well-balanced diet for ED measures.

Surprisingly, watermelon is also an ingredient that increases energy.

In addition to minerals, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin C, it also contains "citrulline" and "arginine," which are also used as energizers. In some cases, it is also called "viagra in the fruit world."

However, since it contains a lot of water, overheating can damage your stomach.

Chicken meat is low in calories, rich in protein, and contains arginine and tryptophan, which are sources of energy, and is recommended to prevent and improve ED.

Unlike the above three, it can be eaten daily at any time, and since the cost is small, let's incorporate it into our daily menu.

If you can't improve your diet

This time, we have introduced foods that are effective in improving and preventing ED.

However, some of the foods introduced this time maybe things like "I can't eat because I'm not good at them" or "I can't afford them because they are expensive."

Others may say, "I'm too busy to have time to cook," or "Every day is a hassle."

There is also a way for those who use energizers to supply the missing nutrition.

Energizers contain plenty of active ingredients necessary for improving/preventing ED and improving energies. It is a well-balanced combination of nutrients that cannot be adequately taken in a healthy diet.

ED measures are painful just by eating!

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