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5 Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself
After a Stressful Work Period

There has been a steady rise in the number of people suffering from mental health problems in the past few years. One of the prime causes of the same is stress. The world is running at a fast pace and almost every individual is stressed about something or the other. Attention to self-care has taken a back seat in the race to be bigger and better than yesterday. However, we must realize the long term consequences of living a stressful life and therefore make a conscious effort to rejuvenate and pay attention to the needs of our body. Here are a few ways to rejuvenate yourself after a stressful day or period.

Deep breathing and meditation:

We have become so busy in our lives that we have forgotten the importance of something as simple as breathing. Taking a few deep breaths can calm you instantly and relieve your body of all the stress. Add a short period of meditation along with deep breaths to realize how it can work wonders for your mind and body. Find a quiet place where you can sit and close your eyes and focus on your breathing for 10 -15 minutes. Acknowledge the thoughts that come to your mind during this time and allow them to fade till you can focus on your breathing again. You can do this every day for as long as you can.

Walking and spending time outdoors:

Connecting with nature and doing some form of exercise is a great way to destress yourself. Just taking a short walk out in the open can get the blood flowing to your heart and brain which will help you clear your mind. If you like running or swimming or playing an outdoor sport, then indulging yourself in them can release endorphins from your body which can instantly uplift your mood. If you are not much of a sports person, then spending a day at the beach or taking a hike in the forest will have the same calming effect.

Pamper yourself with spa:

Self-care is something that we have been ignoring for a long time. It is high time that we realize the importance of listening to our bodies and taking care of it. When you get tired, you should listen to your body and take rest instead of pushing it. Do not underestimate the power of a good body massage. It increases the blood flow to all parts of your body encouraging regeneration and repair. You can give yourself a massage, ask your partner to do it for you or get it done at a professional salon. Not only will it relax the muscles of your body but also help you calm your mind.

Take a day off:

It is impossible to work continuously for seven days in a week and therefore you should take the weekend to do the things that you love. Since people were forced to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, the boundary line between workday weekdays and weekends began to get blurred with a lot of work being spilled on to the weekends as well. We need to be firm regarding these boundaries and try to cut off from the work stress when you have a day off. Instead, we should try and indulge ourselves in something that we love like painting, baking or just gardening.

Uninterrupted deep sleep:

Sleep time is something at all of us need to give our bodies the much-needed rest it deserves every day. Hence, it is important to get 6-8 hours of solid uninterrupted sleep every day to feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the challenges of a new day. Sleeping is a time when our minds are clear of any thoughts and is a time when our brains are working the least. Just giving yourself a good night’s sleep or sleeping a little extra over the weekend can help you feel fresh.

About the author: Jolie Andre

I enjoy writing on varying niches like business, travel, dating and how to deal with stress. I like taking vacations and spending time in hot tubs to feel energized.

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