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Reiki – Your New Go-to
Healing Practice for Stress Relief

Have you been feeling stressed out at all lately? Job got you working extra hard this time of year and you feel it taking a toll on you? Or maybe the most recent pandemic has just caused you to stress that you haven’t been able to shake. Well dealing with all of the things that stress us in life is no small task from working, raising kids, caring for elderly parents, or whatever else sometimes it can feel like every single little turn in life was designed to cause you to stress!

Everyone manifests their own stress in different ways whether that be your neck and back muscles constantly stiffening, headaches that seem to never go away and be brought on by nothing, an upset stomach that you just can’t settle, lots of insomnia, and sleepless nights, constant anxiety and worry over things that you know are minute, and even poor concentration and a feeling like you can’t think as clearly as you could before. So stress is a little bit different for everyone – don’t let anyone discount what you are feeling just because they don’t experience the same thing.

Healing for Stress Relief

If you’ve never heard of reiki before, it is an energy-based healing practice that can have incredible stress-relieving effects by doing nothing more than supporting and engaging the body’s own natural ability to heal. We have found it to be useful at treating all of the following, though it is certainly not limited to just these things.

  • Sleep/insomnia issues
  • Acute / chronic pain management
  • Stress & Anxiety relief
  • Side-effects from more serious illnesses

To assist the healing of wounds and such after operations/injuries

The big benefit and selling point of reiki energy healing is going to be the relaxation and relief that it offers. When the body can relax all muscles loosen and un-tense, blood pressure drops, and heart/respiratory rates should drop substantially. This is the polar opposite of when the body is stressed out and muscles and tensed, heart rate and breathing increase drastically, and blood pressure increases to often unhealthy and unsustainable levels. Reiki works with both the physical and mental aspects of the body to help you reach the most relaxed state possible. We foster the most comfortable and inviting space that we possibly can to get you that much closer to your relaxation goals.

What Happens During Reiki Therapy?

During a reiki healing session, one could expect to feel heightened sensitivity, increased vibrations, a feeling of warmth and comfort, and just fall into a very deep state of relaxation. The goal, again, is to promote self-healing, as this is just the beginning of it. After a reiki session, we really recommend you hydrate with plenty of water over the next few days, and may even have suggestions about your diet depending on what we talk about and figure out together!

Before a reiki healing session is done pretty much any reiki therapist worth their salt will just talk to you and get a feel for what you are looking to get out of it the most, any particular trouble areas you want taken care of, and big things like that that are important for them to know BEFORE getting started.

What should one expect post-reiki session?

In the days and weeks following a reiki healing session the majority of people out there report back that they are experiencing less pain in any particularly affected areas, are thinking more clearly and able to remember things well, and just enjoy life more than they did before! Sounds inviting right?

Now it doesn’t just end there, your reiki energy healing practitioner is more than likely going to be interested to hear exactly what you experienced during the session as well as going into things and components of your lifestyle so that they can try to give you the best advice for a stress-free everyday life! This can even include things like changing your sleep schedule and cleaning up your eating habits. You may not realize it but these things can have a tremendous effect on how you feel every day! For a lot of people, something as simple as making sure they get some kind of physical activity every single day is life-changing for them.

Give it more than just ONE session

When you start a new medication your doctor will often recommend that you take it for at least a few weeks to ensure that it fully saturates your system and has the chance to start working as they want it to. You should think of reiki therapy the same way – you should at the very least give it 3-4 sessions to determine whether it may be for you or not. Reiki is certainly one of those things that is a process and not something you just do once and forever feels the effects of.

What will the average reiki session consist of for me?

Expect to be there for anywhere from 30-60 minutes, your first appointment may be somewhat longer than normal.

You will stay fully clothed and lay down on a massage table. Generally on your back with something supporting your knees slightly.

Especially for your first session, your reiki therapist should talk to you about how you are feeling and how they should best proceed.

Your reiki energy healing therapist is then going to use both touch and energy healing from a distance through various hand placements – this is when they will focus on any particular pain spots or anything you may have.

At the conclusion of the session you should be feeling very relaxed – the therapist will help you sit up and you should then talk about how you are feeling and they can answer any questions that you may have!

A Reiki therapy session should really be no different than when you go in to see your doctor or have a massage, don’t stress yourself out about it! Reiki Raleigh is the ultimate relaxing and stress-relieving experience.

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