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Can Alcohol Help You LOSE Fat?

By Jeremy Reeves

I can pretty much guarantee you that this post is going to stir up some controversy over time, because people are going to read the title, then make their own conclusions with actually reading what I'm about to say. But today, I want to tell you how I came up with an idea for how alcohol can actually help you lose fat, then I'm going to reveal something that you absolutely need to think about when looking at fat loss programs.

Ok so here's my theory on how it can help you lose fat: From now on whenever you're drinking alcohol (or any other drink for that matter), I want you to really focus on the taste of it. Feel as the carbonated alcohol slides down your throat. Taste the mixture of hops, barley, wheat, sugar, and/or any fruits that might be involved (depending on what kind of alcohol you drink).

I want you to do this for every single sip, for every sip of alcohol you have for the next few months. By the end of those few months, your palette (i.e. your taste buds) is going to be super-sensitive. I can guarantee you that you're going to start tasting subtle flavors in foods you've never tasted before, and food is going to start tasting more flavor-filled.

But what's this have to do with losing weight? Well, it's simple really. In today's times... people want robust, tongue-bursting flavors when they eat food. They want food that when they bite into it, they're practically bursting at the seams with joy with the flavor it's putting out. And guess what? For the most part, those kind of foods are BAD for you (or if they're healthy for you, they're usually high in calories)! Let me give you a few examples...

Would people rather drink soda, or water? A nice big juicy, fatty steak, or very lean steak like a flat iron steak? A few pieces of celery, carrots, etc. to munch on... or a bag of chips?

My point is this: People eat bad because - and this is at least what people assume which I'd tend to disagree with - for the most part bad foods taste better. They have more flavor, but more calories. But if you teach them to enjoy more subtle flavors, even if you're teaching them to do it through drinking alcohol... they'll eventually start to enjoy the more subtle flavors of healthy food - helping them lose weight!

OK, now that's the end of my little theory - let me tell you the REAL reason I wrote this article...

I'm not sure if you just believed me or not, but if not trust me, I could have come up with a better nonsense story. All I did just now was create a little confusion in your mind which got you to read this far. And if I was REALLY trying to persuade you, I'm sure I could have done a better job.

In this article I just wanted to point out the fact that fitness "experts" do this with A LOT of different "theories" that they have. This is something I talk a lot about in my own program, Hassle Free Fat Loss.

Just because something SOUNDS reasonable doesn't mean it really is! Let me give you a great example: Eating 6 meals per day increases your metabolism... right? WRONG! The theory they give you might sound nice (I'm sure you've heard the infamous "log on a fire" explanation) but in reality, there is literally no evidence to support it. Even more, there's actually a lot of evidence proving that it's absolutely 100% wrong!

So please understand that just because somebody explains something to you in a way that makes sense... it's all too easy to put 2 things together that really shouldn't go together, and make the combination sound feasible. You saw it in how I showed you how alcohol could make you lose weight, but honestly, even though it "might" be a possibility, it was just a joke. I'm not serious in saying that I think alcohol can make you lose weight - obviously!

From now on whenever somebody tells you something, take it with a grain of salt. Understand that they're probably trying to sell you something and if they aren't willing to back it up with research... you might think about simply flipping them the bird and walking away with a big smile on your face.

So What's The Best Fat Loss Program For YOU?
One very big problem I see when it comes to people trying to lose weight is that they're listening to the people they shouldn't be listening to. Trust me, there are a lot of people, even some fitness experts, that are going to try and "prove" to you that their system is the best out there.

They try to say that their system is the only system that will work and that other programs won't do as good of a job at helping you lose weight. I completely disagree with that. You see, the ONLY way you're going to lose weight is if you're in a caloric deficit. Put simply, if you burn more calories than you eat (or drink), you're going to lose weight. The method for this simply does not matter.

I recently read a study where they put a bunch of people on a variety of diets for a year. This included low-carb, high-carb, high-protein, low-fat, and all the other combinations you can think of. And guess what? The results showed that the METHOD of losing weight didn't matter - it all came down to simply having a caloric deficit and actually being able to stick with the program.

This is a little extreme, but you could literally eat cheesecake all day and lose weight. As long as you're burning off more calories than you're eating in cheesecake, it's going to come off. So with that said, how do you pick the right fat loss program for you then?

In my opinion it all comes down to how easy it is for you to stick with. If you're following a diet plan now that's too restricting, makes you count calories, makes you eat 6 meals per day, and all that other non-sense (for the record, I DO believe in calorie counting and know that it works wonderfully, it's just that most people aren't that dedicated to losing weight and won't actually do it), you're probably going to fail.

Is that kind of a diet good for people who are going into competitions or are so insanely crazy about their appearance that they'd rather restrict themselves than be able to eat some of the foods they love? Sure it is. But for the vast majority of people out there who simply want to lose weight and look good but aren't worried about having every single muscle in their body showing, I think it's simply too hard to stick with. And that's exactly the reasons I created my fat loss program - Hassle Free Fat Loss.

In my opinion the best fat loss program that you can be on is one that's flexible. It allows you to cheat a little bit when you get the urge, or be completely strict if you want to lose fat faster and get as ripped and lean as possible. You just need to go out there and follow your instincts to figure out who's got the best fat loss program out there for YOU.

Jeremy Reeves is a certified personal trainer who went from being an overweight restaurant server to losing 25 pounds and looking his absolute best - by NOT following "common sense" fat loss advice. His book - Hassle Free Fat Loss - shows you exactly how to lose weight without dealing with the unnecessary hassles of traditional weight loss programs.

Peter Shepherd's experience with this program...
Nutrition and fitness information is usually a labyrinth of contradictions, because so much of it lacks objectivity (what works) and is instead serving only the sales channel and vested interests. Not this ebook, Hassle Free Fat Loss, which is ONLY about what has been seen to work in the author's experience, backed up by clear scientific evidence. As a result, myths and misconceptions fall away on every page and it's such a relief to finally obtain the clear and straightforward understanding that has been lying hidden underneath all of that junk. And as a personal development expert I can tell you, what Jeremy has to say about preparing your mind-set is right on the button too. I've put on weight in recent years with too much French bread and Camembert - mmm, life is good... - but getting it off again hasn't been nearly so easy. With the advice from this ebook, at last I'm making some progress - and life is still good! You really can't go wrong if you read and apply this first classic ebook.
Healthy Balance
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