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3 Ways to Reduce Stress and Improve Overall Health

Stress is a part of life, but it shouldn’t consume us. A little stress is normal, but when you’re experiencing chronic stress day in and day out, some severe health concerns can appear. 

Severe stress-related conditions are heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, obesity, diabetes, depression, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, accelerated aging, Alzheimer’s disease, and even premature death.

Luckily there are ways to reduce your stress, which can improve your over health and reduce the risk of the conditions listed above. We’re going to go over what you can do starting today to reduce your stress, which will improve your overall health. 

reduce stress


Many of us think that massages are a luxury, and we should only get them on special occasions. However, massages are really beneficial for reducing stress in the body. You can feel stress physically in your muscles through the build-up of tension. 

Many times when we’re stressed, we tend to tense up our neck, shoulders, and jaw. Getting massages regularly will ease up this built-up tension throughout the body. When you’re receiving one, you’ll be put into a state of relaxation. 

Your neck and back will be more mobile after a massage, which can result in fewer headaches, better focus, and reduce anxiety. Massages also have anti-inflammatory effects because of the increase in blood flow and the lymphatic system.

The experts at Mayo Clinic stated that a 60-minute massage has the power to reduce the stress hormone cortisol by an average of 30%. Look at this site to find the best full-body massages. 

reduce stress


Being active every day has many health benefits, which include reducing stress. Exercise doesn’t have to be hours at the gym or running miles. Going for a brisk walk or dancing around also counts as exercise. Any way you get your body up and moving will help! 

Exercise of any kind produces endorphins, which is a chemical in the body that’s a natural painkiller. Also, being active increases mobility, decreases overall tension, improves sleep, and reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety

All of these benefits of exercising play a role in reducing stress and makes us feel energized. This is great for your physical health just as much as your mental health! 

reduce stress

Adopt a Pet

Furry friends can bring us a lot of joy and companionship in our lives. However, they can do more for us than be a man’s best friend. Dogs and other pets help release oxytocin, which is the chemical in our bodies that improves our mood and happiness. Oxytocin decreases the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. 

Pets also fulfil the need for physical touch. We can pet and cuddle with our pets after a long day at work. Physical contact increases dopamine and serotonin in our bodies, which can help the body reduce stress. 

Another great benefit of having a pet, especially a dog, is that they’ll make you more active by walking them often. You’ll always have a work out buddy when you adopt a furry friend. 

The Bottom Line

Reducing stress is not a one size fits all. You’ll have to experiment on what techniques work best for you. Some of the best things you can start doing today are getting regular massages, being active every day, and adopting a pet.

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