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8 Tips to Reduce Stress
and Get a Better Night's Sleep

Stress is part of modern everyday life. Unfortunately, all that stress can mean you stay awake for hours instead of sliding into dreamland. You might think you're stuck with being stressed out, but there are several ways to reduce the stress you can take. Below are eight tricks to help you get rid of stress and get a restful night's sleep

1) Shhh, Quiet

We're surrounded by noise. TV's always going. The radio gets turned on the moment we get in the car. The loudspeakers blare as we grocery shop. It's a noisy world, and that noise adds to stress levels. Enjoy the peacefulness of quiet. Intentionally spend 15 to 30 minutes in peaceful silence. You don't even have to do anything but listen to the silence if you don't want to. Break the habit of always turning on the TV. Turn on soft music instead.

2) Start Your Day on a Positive Note

Don't get bogged down by last night's dishes, early morning laundry chores, or racing around the house to get yourself ready for work. That's just starting your day loaded with stress. Try to get those chores done in the evening rather than in the morning. Start the day by reading from your favorite inspirational book. Have a cup of coffee on your back porch, looking at the sunrise. Take a few moments and write in your journal. Schedule these in your calendar. The world will wait, and you will be ready for it.

3) Take Time for Yourself Every Day

Do something you enjoy every day. It can be, for example, walking with your puppy pal or stroking your kitty cat. Value yourself by giving yourself and find the time for your wishes. Give yourself a masa or other beauty treatment. Doing something you like is a great stress buster. 

4) Live Each Minute of the day

The past can't be repeated. The future hasn't happened yet. Please focus on the moment because it is the only time you have. Learn from the events in the past. Don't aggravate yourself by thinking about what you might have done. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and remember what you've learned. Those in the know call this "mindfulness." It's just living in the moment. 

5) Only Worry When it Counts

There are some things you can control, and many you can't. Only worry about what you can control; otherwise, it's wasted. For example: If you're in charge of a family reunion picnic -- you can't control the weather. What you can control is the location. Make sure that there is a rained-out alternative just in case, then you won't have to worry about the weather. If you're worried about a doctor's appointment for your annual checkup, don't worry about what the doctor may find. Start a healthier lifestyle now. 

6) What's the Problem?

Often we overreact to situations because we're concerned about something else. Say, your boss comes in and asks you to fast track a project you've been working on, and you become livid with outrage. Maybe you're not angry with your boss, the project, or the new deadline. It could be you're upset because your teenage son didn't come home till past midnight. If you can figure out the problem, you save yourself a lot of stress and concentrate on solving the problem instead of creating new ones. 

7) Changing Your Diet 

Include more fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Reduce the sugars, salt, and refined carbohydrates in it. Instead of rushing through a fast-food lunch loaded with salt and fat, bring your healthy salad from home. Decrease your caffeine intake. Caffeine aggravates some of the symptoms of stress. Replace it with Lemon balm tea. It is a good substitute for coffee as it has calming properties. 

8) Increase the Level of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that decreases stress-related infections and boosts the immune system. Other antioxidants you might consider are Vitamin E and A. Citrus fruits are a source packed with Vitamin C. So are tomatoes. Start the habit of having a fresh orange every morning for breakfast or as your midafternoon snack instead of grabbing something from the office vending machine. If you can't get enough vitamin C from fruits and vegetables, try a supplement.

Author Bio - Elizabeta Kuzevska

“I believe that we all need to take care of our health and I encourage everyone to take advantage of the full range of healing resources available to us. Most importantly, I urge everyone to be an active participant in his or her health and well being in a truly integrative way.”

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