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Ideas to Redesign Your Restaurant
Keeping the Coronavirus Pandemic in Mind
to Minimize Large Gathering

The emergence of the novel coronavirus has changed how we do things and will remain so going forward. With this in mind, we have to learn to adapt and redesign how we do things to keep us protected and reduce the spread of the virus.

The new reality has restricted many things, and part of the restrictions is the limited number of people that can be in a place together at the same time. The reason for this is to ensure social distancing, amongst other safety precautions.

Preventing the spread of the virus necessitates that we keep a distance from one another (social distancing) and avoid large gatherings. As a result, we must redesign various aspects of our lives to conform to the new reality.

In light of this, we will be looking at steps restaurant owners can take to redesign their restaurants to meet up with the standards of the new normal. The tips discussed will help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Redesign Your Restaurant


Redesign Your Restaurant

To redesign your restaurant, so it conforms to the new reality, you should start from outside before customers even get into your space. The first place to pay attention to is the vehicle parking area.

Unlike in the past, when people came into the restaurant at will, you need to put a restriction on the number of people that are allowed in the restaurant at the same time. To do this effectively, the first place to redesign to reflect the restriction is the vehicle parking area.

Restrict the number of vehicles that can park in the dedicated parking space to a specific target number. This will restrict the number of people that can enter the restaurant at once to a rough estimate of the target reflected in the parking area.


Redesign Your Restaurant

Part of the realities of the new normal is social distancing.

What is social distancing?

Social distancing, which can also be referred to as physical distancing, requires that individuals stay at least six feet away from other people. This applies to both indoor spaces and outdoor spaces. This practice with other preventive measures is a great way to keep people protected from the virus.

For this reason, it is imperative that you put measures in place to ensure that customers and people who frequent your restaurant observe physical distancing. To achieve this, create marked indicators on the floor that are at least six feet apart from one another.

The indicators are great reminders and guides for customers to observe physical distancing while inside your restaurant. It also makes the restaurant, customers, and activities organized.


Redesign Your Restaurant

While physical distancing is excellent, it may not work at points-of-sales and transaction points between employees and customers. There is a need to look for a protective and preventive measure that will keep customers and employees protected.

That is why you need to install glass sneeze guards at every point-of-purchase and transaction point in your restaurant.

What is a glass sneeze guard?

A glass sneeze guard is a protective barrier made of tempered glass and sturdy steel support. The guard acts as a protective barrier that protects your employees and customers from spreading or contracting the novel coronavirus. The glass panel prevents parties from coming in contact with body fluids that arise from conversing, talking, sneezing, coughing, amongst others.

You cannot trust everyone to keep to the rules of social distancing, while keeping your employees and team well protected is very important. Installing a sneeze guard on the cashier’s counter and other points-of-sale in the restaurant will keep everyone protected.


Redesign Your Restaurant

The restaurant can be redesigned to make use of medium-sized glass coffee tables instead of large dining tables. This is to reduce the number of times people closely sit and encounter one another, which may aggravate the spread of the virus.

Glass coffee tables reduce the number of people that can sit at the table at the same time. Some coffee tables will sit only two, while some four. Opt for glass coffee tables that permit a maximum of four people on a table.

The good thing with round glass coffee tables is that they do not only offer you the benefit of reducing the number of people that come in contact with one another, but also all the benefits that come with using glass where no virus can stay for long.

Additionally, glass will brighten up the ambiance of your restaurant thanks to the clear surface that reflects light. Also, tempered glass tables are stylish additions that will bring a modern touch to your restaurant space. They are versatile pieces that complement the existing décor in your restaurant space, which improves the visual appeal of your restaurant.


Redesign Your Restaurant

Another great redesign tip to consider implementing in your restaurant is to introduce serving points installed with counter sneeze guards instead of a self-serving setup.

A self-serving setup may negate the rule of physical distancing, and you may not be able to control the number of people who would want to go up for meals at the same time. A counter-serving point will create a more-organized process, with counter sneeze guards that will keep both employees and customers protected.


Redesign Your Restaurant

In addition to the points mentioned above, redesign the restaurant’s entrance only to allow one person at a time. Enforcing this will enable you to introduce other preventive measures that will keep customers and employees protected.

A single person entrance can be modified with a door sanitizer spray machine. The door sanitizer spray machine sprays each customer who passes through with disinfectant to rid them of harmful bacteria and the coronavirus in particular.

While the above suggestion may seem extreme, a single person entrance can also be modified to contain soap dispensers or disinfectant dispensers. This allows each individual to sanitize as he enters your restaurant space.

Wrap Up

Redesigning restaurants to conform to the realities of the present times is necessary and vital. From the above, there are enough tips to inspire your restaurant’s redesigning that will keep you, your employees, and customers protected in the new normal.

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