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Things to Know About Red Light Therapy

Do you know about Red Light Therapy (RLT)? If not! Then don’t worry as in this article we are going to talk about everything about it. It is basically a therapy to resolve skin issues using low wavelength red light. Many experts think it can help with various issues like scarring, aging signs, skin condition, etc.

There is a lot of evidence that backs the claims of this therapy. However, the person still has to take some steps to promote skin health. Some experts also believe that red light therapy has the power to enhance our body and mind’s versatile functions.

How does it Work?

The process of RLT is straightforward; you don’t need to get yourself ready for the treatment. You need to stand at a spot where you will be exposed to low wavelength red light. Another name for this process is “Low-Level laser light therapy.” You don’t need to worry about radioactive effects as the light is natural and can penetrate deep into the skin. Your skin cells will absorb the light and then use it.

A recent study shows that our skin absorbs light particles as they help produce more adenosine triphosphate. It provides more energy to cells, which then makes cells able to respond better to damage.

At the start, there was not any research done to prove its benefits. But now, many researchers have done their studies and believe that this treatment helps a lot with skin conditions.

With that said, lets’ talk about some potential benefits of RLT, which are as follows:

Skin Health

One of the main reasons that people take an interest in the treatment is to improve skin health. A large number of studies indicated that it rejuvenates the skin. Furthermore, the study shows that RLT helps with:

  • Improving the production of collagen, which provides elasticity to the skin
  • Increases the product of fibroblast- responsible for producing collagen and other tissue fibers
  • Also, it improves blood circulation and protects skin cells from damage
  • Improve overall facial texture and reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Improve Acne

Another study indicates that light therapy is a potential alternative to treat acne. Sunlight can change the behavior of the sebaceous gland, which is responsible for producing sebum. It can clog the pores and cause acne.

There’s no doubt that sunlight is helpful for the skin, but it also contains UV rays, which can cause skin issues. So, RLT is the best option to treat acne vulgaris with other treatments like Blue light therapy.

Wound Healing

Researchers also believe that RLT can help with wound healing in few ways because it reduces inflammation and stimulates blood circulation in the skin. Furthermore, it increases the production of fibroblasts and collagen in the skin.

Hair Growth

Another common problem these days for many people is hair loss. A small study shows that RLT can help people with alopecia. It has been seen that people who received RLT had improved hair density compared to others.

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