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How to Recover From a Chronic Injury

Recover From a Chronic Injury

Do you want to become part of the U.S. Olympic Team?

As an aspiring athlete, you must take care of your body. However, both acute and chronic injury are roadblocks. The worst part is they're unavoidable when you're training.

However, the way you recover from a sports injury is more important. In this guide, you'll learn some great methods to heal. Read on and find out how.

Eat Anti-Inflammatory Food

When you're suffering from chronic pain, eat these food items as often as you can daily. Here is a couple to look out for:

Whether fresh or powdered, turmeric has over two dozen phytonutrients. It includes curcumin. It's the most potent component in reducing damage during exercise.

It also plays a role in healing from inflammatory injuries. If you have no turmeric at home, get ginger and cinnamon.

Green tea powder has EGCGs—unique catechins for boosting recovery. They're also great for building your immunity.

Practice PRICE

The PRICE program stands for Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. It aims to prevent your injuries from spreading while giving them enough time to heal.

Protect your small injuries using bandages, wraps, and splints. Avoid heavy exercises to prevent your chronic injury from worsening. For example, if you have shoulder tendinitis, you can diversify your workout with walking or hiking.

Applying ice is the easiest way to stop pain and swelling. Do it every 10 to 15 minutes after sustaining the injury. Repeat it for each hour within the first four hours, four times a day.

Complement it with compression. Wearing compression garments is the best way to do that as it helps improve recovery. In most cases, elastic bandages are enough. Ensure it's snug but never too tight.

Get Physical Rehabilitation

After the pain disappears and the swelling stops, your treatment is far from over. Plan your rehabilitation process and return to your exercises carefully. A good rule is to spend two days of rehabilitation for each inactive day.

Use gentle range-of-motion exercises to start. After that, increase your activities gradually. Use calisthenics, lightweights, and other equipment to build your tissues up again.

It's better to talk to a sports injury doctor about this rehabilitation plan. If everything goes well, your body is stronger than ever. It will reduce your risk of future injuries.

Never forget stretching exercises for improved flexibility. Massage your injured tissues to warm them up. After your exercises, apply a cold compress to prevent inflammation.

Get Help

As said above, it's best to get a sports injury doctor on board. It's especially when you had a major injury. Read the linked guide for more info about the benefits of seeing a local sports medicine doctor.

Heal From Chronic Injury Today

These are some ways to recover from chronic injury. Regardless of the types of chronic injury, use these to guide your road to recovery.

However, knowing these tips is only the beginning. Picking the right sports injury doctor is paramount to reducing injury recovery time.

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