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5 Things You Should Do After Exercising
to Speed up Muscle Recovery

If you train hard, you might experience delayed onset muscle soreness. This is a crippling muscle ache that makes the days after a challenging exercise hard. It can cramp your style, but you don't have to suffer through it, even after pushing yourself to your limits during workouts.

Remember that rest and recovery are essential parts of your workout routine. They affect your fitness gains and help you train more effectively. If you don't have a rest and recovery plan, these tips will help you recover efficiently after exercising.

Take a cool bath

After a workout, you might have caused microdamage to your muscles, which can cause soreness, inflammation, and swelling. This is how your muscles adapt to the workload for them to become stronger. Fortunately, even when you are sore for a few days after exercising, a cool bath can help reduce inflammation.

Some people also believe that cryotherapy can help soothe sore muscles. However, before trying out a new treatment for muscle pain, seek advice from a health professional or speak to an experienced online personal trainer, especially about using workout supplements.

Replace lost fluids

Drinking water is a crucial part of your post-workout recovery. It can help with muscle repair, but it’s not the only way to replace lost fluids. To rehydrate, you need to drink a fluid volume in excess of your sweat loss. The fluids should include minerals like calcium, potassium, and sodium.

These minerals are essential for your nervous system and help with muscle contraction. Therefore, implement healthy eating habits with plenty of vegetables and fruits. A glass of coconut water, milk, or a fruit smoothie can help replace electrolytes, thus helping with your recovery.

Stretch it out

Cooling down after a workout is crucial. However, only a few people stick around for the last minutes of the workout. After your session, stretch out since it will help your body to cool down. Not stretching after your workout increases your chances of tearing a muscle.

Stretching out also helps lengthen and elongate your muscles when your muscles are limber and warm. Therefore, it will increase your flexibility and add a range of motion to your joints. A stretch out can help keep you injury-free after a high-intensity workout.

Get a massage

A post-workout massage can speed up your recovery time and improve muscle strength. A massage works out the lactic acid build-up in your muscles, thus providing a sweet relief later. If you don't want to get a massage, you can buy a foam roller for home use.

When using the roam roller, find the areas of tenderness and remain there until it dissipates. You should also practice intentional relaxed breathing to help relax your nervous system and muscles.

Get enough sleep

Enough rest is the most effective way to recover from a high-intensity workout. Sleep helps your body repair its muscles. Besides, you get to increase hormones during sleep, thus helping you perform better the next day.

Aim to sleep at least eight hours each night, thus recovering quickly and reducing any chances of injury. To improve your sleep quality, set aside time to relax during the evening when going to bed. Stick to a schedule to avoid being overly tired before sleeping.

The Bottom Line

Listening to your body can help you recover quickly. When feeling sore and tired, you need to recover or take a break. However, in most cases, your body will always let you know what it needs and when. However, most people don't listen to the warnings, thus leading to sore and swollen muscles. Use the tips highlighted above to help you recover and enjoy your workouts.

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