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“Me time”: Reconnect with Your True Self

By Victoria Lim

This fast-pacing era that we are living in doesn’t give us any space to prosper and dedicate solely to ourselves. Very often we get entangled in daily chores, obligations, and workload that we lose touch with our inner peace. It is no wonder that we don’t have enough “me time” and that technology and telecommunications are ruling over our daily lives. Especially due to constant daily hustle and bustle of the outside world we don’t seem to find mindful time for ourselves. If you feel disconnected with your essence, you need to put some attentive effort to restore your inner balance.

Listen to your body


After a long and hard working day, you might feel as you have enough strength to survive the day, but your body is actually quite drained. You might not have known this, but our bodies can guide us in finding the best way to reconnect with our true self. It requires your full attention and dedication. When you feel fatigued, drained, or worn out, try to relax, go for an easy stroll, listen to smooth jazz, and simply unwind. After a hard day, close your eyes and listen to your inner self to discover what to do next.

Loosen up with yoga


For centuries people have practiced this unique physical and mental skill in order to bring balance to the entire body. You too can totally immerse yourself while doing yoga and utterly transform your mood and stamina. There is no better way to reconnect with your true self then to unbend your body and soul with yoga. Not only is yoga beneficial for stretching your joints and relaxing your muscles, but as some of the best yoga books suggest, it can also help you reach a completely perfect state of mind.

Reconnect with nature


Discovering the true natural wonders of the world can also help you discover who you really are. If time and money allows, have a habit of going to a mountain or some natural resort at least once a month. And just do nothing. Bring a book, sit under a tree and breathe in the fresh, clean air. You can, of course, invite a friend and together go on a spiritual journey, and even spend the night in the open while watching the stars. Meditating in nature can certainly boost your state of mind even more, and definitely help you discover all the aspect of “self” that you might have lost along the way.

Digital detox


In order to utterly reconnect with the part of your mind and soul that you have lost, you first need to disconnect with the thing that is dragging you to the wrong path. For instance, the first and last hour of the day tries not to check your email updates, Facebook notifications or look at any other social networks whatsoever. Turn the sound off on all your devices during night time. If you can help it, don't even pick your business phone when you are not at the office. When you wish to take a short nap during the day, make sure that you turn off the TV, and so on. Set yourself free from all the buzzing gadgets that are interrupting your free time, and do something that you really enjoy doing.



Meditation implies thoroughly engaging in deep mindful exercise, and quietly escaping from this world and being with yourself. Use meditation time to let go of the other people's perception of you. Don't think about the outside world. Don't think about any worries, and only try to sit with yourself and be who you are. In no time you will the difference and start thinking more reasonably, and you will be able to face any obstacle with a strong attitude. When you meditate always strive to focus on the fact that you "yourself" have your back, and that when things get though you can always look deep into yourself and find a solution to any problem.

Be out there


Whenever you are in doubt about your existence or when you feel down and not yourself, the worst case scenario is to stay indoors. Get out as often as possible. Take a night off, call a friend and go to the cinema or theater, or simply try a delicious meal at a restaurant that you have never been to. Take time from all other chores, and take your loved ones to a park, go cycling, or visit a circus. Being anywhere outside instead of sitting trapped in four tedious walls is much more productive for your inner self.

Try something new


There is no limit to the things that you can do. That is the idea that you should always obey. When you think that you have tried or seen it all, test your yourself and your limits and try something completely new. Go bungee jumping, explore the wild tropical forest, go snorkeling, go parachuting, and so on. Follow your intuition and explore your heart’s path, only in that way you will build confidence in yourself.

Never forget who you really are. Do whatever is in your power to stay connected to your true self by following some of these suggestions, and you will soon find your path.

Victoria Lim is a lifestyle writer with expertise in scribbling a lot of unnecessary words, traveling with a big pack of gummy bears (green ones to the victory!), walking a dog for miles and miles, getting bites from pet squirrel and choosing a tea for her next cup.

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