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What to Read in 2020: Books on Cancer

Whether you’re dealing with cancer directly, have a loved one with cancer, or you’re just looking for information on how to prevent it, you likely have a lot of questions. What can I do to reduce my risk? Should I be thinking about nutrition? What about other potential treatments?

It’s 2020, and answers are at our fingertips at all times. However, this curse of knowledge sometimes works against us. There’s a lot of information out there about cancer, not all of which is credible or scientifically-backed. This makes it tricky to weed through the junk to get to truly valuable information.

To help, The Mesothelioma Center combed through 20,000 books on cancer on Amazon, taking into account customer reviews, author accreditations, and best seller lists. The result is this list of 12 inspirational books on cancer, including survivor stories, treatment insights, and advice for an overall healthier life. Check out the visual below for the books...

inspirational books on cancer

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