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Recognizing Medical Malpractice

When you go to a doctor or a hospital for treatment, you expect to be treated according to accepted medical standards and for your condition to get better. However, medical professionals’ wrongful actions or negligence can cause harm, and your condition can worsen. 

In this situation, it is essential to recognize the signs of medical malpractice. The website of the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo is a great resource for medical malpractice information, and here are some of the potential medical malpractice signs they describe on their site that you should look out for as you are being treated for an illness or injury. 

Failure to Diagnose

The most common medical malpractice event is when a disease is not diagnosed. If you go to a doctor who misses the early signs of cancer and dismisses your condition as a minor illness, it can lead to the cancer spreading, leading to severe illness or death. Cancer can be treated more easily if it is diagnosed in the first or second stage. A delayed diagnosis can be a death sentence. 


A misdiagnosis can be just as dangerous as a late diagnosis. When a doctor thinks your symptoms are due to something else, this can result in treatments and drugs that do not help you. They can actually make your condition worse, in fact. If you were misdiagnosed and had health complications as a result, you could be a medical malpractice victim. 

You also could be a medical malpractice victim if your symptoms do not match your diagnosis. Even if you are not a doctor, it is vital to be informed about your condition and perform research about the diagnosis you receive. If your symptoms do not match what you read about your diagnosis, you may want to talk to another doctor. 

Receiving the Wrong Drug or Dosage

Medical problems can arise if your doctor prescribes you the wrong drug or dosage. If you are prescribed the wrong medication or dosage, it may negatively interact with your current medications or health problems. This can cause an overdose, health complications, and even death. 

Your doctor’s responsibility is to ensure that the drug and dosage they prescribe treats your condition and will not be harmful to you. 

No Informed Consent

Many treatments and medical procedures have a certain level of risk and the potential for complications. That is why, before being administered any treatment, doctors should explain the risks and benefits of the procedure so you can make an informed decision about whether you want the treatment. If you suffer complications from a procedure and you were not told of the risks, you lacked the opportunity to provide informed consent. 

For lack of informed consent to be deemed medical malpractice, you need to prove that you did not receive accurate information about the procedure’s risks. 

Doctor Admits a Mistake

One of the most obvious signs of medical malpractice is if the doctor admits they made a mistake. If the doctor admits an error that caused you harm, such as giving you the wrong dosage, you could have grounds for a medical malpractice case. 

But remember that most doctors will not admit to making errors. That is why it is essential that you are aware of the signs of medical malpractice. You also should know your rights if you believe you are a malpractice victim. Also, many states have laws that allow doctors to express remorse that treatment did not go well without risk that the apology will be used against them in a medical malpractice case. 

If you undergo a medical procedure, it is essential to know the signs of medical malpractice. If your procedure does not go or end well, it is smart to speak to an attorney about your situation to see if you have a case. 

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