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7 Reasons to Travel for Drug Rehab

Boston is home to some of the country’s best substance rehab facilities. As Massachusetts is home to some of the world’s leading medical research institutes, Boston rehab centers are often at the cutting edge of addiction treatment. 

However, one thing that Boston isn’t is affordable. The cost of living in Boston is high compared to other major American cities, with only New York, San Francisco, and Honolulu being more expensive. This often means that drug treatment centers in the Boston metro can be pricey compared to those in other parts of the country. 

Price is the main reason many Bostonians often consider traveling to other parts of the country for rehab. However, there are a lot of reasons they and other people may choose to travel elsewhere for drug or alcohol treatment.

If you’re currently looking for rehab options, here are some reasons you might want to expand your search outside your hometown:

1. Your current home and lifestyle are full of relapse triggers

People rarely turn to drugs and alcohol if everything in their life is in order. Chances are that the way you currently live is part of the root cause of your substance misuse.

If you’re considering a residential program, this may be less relevant. However, if you choose an outpatient program, you may be exposing yourself to these triggers every time you go home after your treatments. By moving away, at least temporarily, you can keep yourself away from these relapse triggers as you heal.

2. You want to avoid bad influences

While no one is immune, teens and young adults are especially vulnerable to the influences of their peers. If these negative influences are in the same place you are getting treated, not even a residential program may be enough to isolate you from them. Traveling to a different locale for treatment can effectively prevent these peers from impeding the recovery process.

3. A scenery change can often put things into perspective

We often mentally divide chapters of our lives based on where we live or stay. As mentioned in the first point, being in new surroundings can also take you away from the stress and anxiety triggers. Doing that can ultimately help you think clearer and commit better to recovery.

4. You can give your loved ones space to heal

While it’s hard to overstate the importance of family in the healing process, some time apart can be crucial, at least initially. Substance use disorders can be almost as difficult on the family as for the patient, and having some time apart can help everyone better process the situation.

5. You may not be able to find the right programs locally

Today, it’s well-understood that treatment for substance use disorders is a highly individualized process. A lot of the time, it’s a matter of trying out different therapeutic interventions until something sticks, then readjusting accordingly. 

Unfortunately, options are limited in many parts of America, which means you may not have access to therapies and approaches that work close to where you live. In this case, it makes a lot of sense to travel to wherever you can get the treatment you need.

6. There may be more cost-effective options elsewhere

Sometimes it’s not so much the price as the value that matters. The cost of rehab can vary wildly from city to city and state to state, even when different facilities deliver the same quality of care. This factor is an especially important consideration for residential treatments, as the cost of room and board in major cities will always be higher, all other things being equal.

7. You can reinforce the feeling of getting a fresh start

Sometimes, moving away from the place you know well can give you a feeling of turning a new leaf, which could reinforce your desire to change. While not necessarily the best reason for traveling, being somewhere else can give you that extra push you need to stay committed to recovery.


Traveling for rehab may, in some circumstances, be the best choice for some people recovering from substance use disorders. Moving to a different place can help one focus on recovery and effectively removes negative influences and triggers that could impede recovery. It may also be necessary for those who want a specific type of treatment as well. In some circumstances, traveling for rehab can even be a great way to stretch your budget.

Before you decide to leave home, make sure to get in touch with a qualified psychiatrist. They may be able to recommend local options that suit your needs and your budget. If you’re in the Greater Boston area, you can also check out local rehab directories like Boston Drug Treatment Centers for a comprehensive list of local options that fit your budget.

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