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5 Reasons You Should Be Taking Multivitamins


Vitamins are a crucial part of any body’s day-to-day health. They can lead to better brain functionality, improved again, improved immune health, and better hormone balance. Yet, for many, the process of getting the proper vitamins throughout the day can be quite difficult.

Adequate vitamin intake requires a heavily regimented diet, proper daily activities, or balancing a number of supplements each day at the proper intervals. While this is doable, it can be a difficult task to get the proper proportions of everything that your body needs to function well everyday, and to avoid causing blood toxicity, or unnecessary negative dietary effects.

This is where a multivitamin can be significantly helpful, assisting with providing the proper nutrients to the body each day, and keeping you helpful in the long term. While there are a number more, here are five reasons you should be taking multivitamins.

1. Vitamin Deficiency

A large number of people are vitamin deficient without even knowing it. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of people became highly deficient in Vitamin D due to a lack of time outdoors or in physical activity. Vitamin D deficiency can easily lower immune health, and cause mood swings or depressed behavior due to a lack of hormonal regulation.

Other common vitamin deficiencies include Vitamin C deficiencies and folate deficiencies, also known as Anemia. This can lead to low blood-vessel count, tiredness, illness. Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 deficiencies are also common, which can lead to poor skin health, poor immune function, and rapid or unhealthy aging.

All of these vitamins can be acquired naturally. Vitamin D is produced through sun exposure, Vitamin C and folate from certain fruits, and iodized salt, and Vitamin B from fish.

While obtaining these through this way can be done, it is quite difficult to guarantee substantial amounts each day. Taking a multivitamin allows you to confidently know each day that you are getting your dietary vitamin needs, allowing you to more deeply enjoy your nutritional journey.

2. Dietary Lifestyle

As we just mentioned, there are a number of ways to get essential vitamins and minerals naturally. In truth, it’s how the human body is made. However, many of us are no longer functioning in the capacity of the hunter gatherer.

Lifestyles like desk work, vegan or vegetarian, keto, or non-traditional schedules (like working nights), can all have significant effects on our vitamin access.

For example, someone living a vegetarian lifestyle may find it more difficult to get sufficient Vitamin B12. Someone who works nights will struggle to get sufficient Vitamin D.

For most people living these types of lifestyles, loss of nutritional health is not something that should be easily accepted, or that is typically considered. Thankfully, taking a multivitamin supplement can easily remedy these issues. In many cases, you can also find a multivitamin that specifically supports your diet or lifestyle, and you can safely move forward without worrying about specific deficiencies.

3. Aging

We all want to age well, and vitamins are a key part of this. Of course we all want to focus our day-to-day on eating fish, kale, and carrots, but it’s not a very realistic or sustainable way for everyone to age well and support skin and gut health.

Many multivitamins help with age in general, while others specifically help aspects like skin and gut health. Age is natural, and can be a more enjoyable process when your body has the proper nutrients. Multivitamins that contain proper Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C levels can help your skin health, and ensure that your gut stays functioning well for longer.

4. Immune Health

If for no other reason, a multivitamin helps to support your immune health. Our bodies are constantly working with the bacteria in our gut, working to remove the bad and keep the good, all while giving us what we need to function daily. Supplying your body with the right amount of daily vitamins allows us to better fight off illness, better obtain nutrition from our food, and function more efficiently daily without constant worry that an illness will knock us out for a few weeks.

5. Toxicity

Blood toxicity, while not incredibly common, is a condition that can occur if we overdose on certain vitamins. This is not an incredible, or short term danger, but if you consistently take something like Vitamin C at too high of a dosage for a number of months or years, you are at risk of causing Vitamin C toxicity.

When this occurs, your body is not able to process all of the vitamin(s) you are consuming, and it can become toxic.

When taking a multivitamin, you are able to be certain that you are not taking greater than your daily dose of each vitamin, thus eliminating the fear of causing toxicity.

Overall, taking multivitamins has little to no risk, and can do nothing but improve your nutritional health. If you are looking for an easy way to boost your health, look for a multivitamin that meets your specific dietary needs, and give it a shot!

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