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7 Reasons for Staying Hydrated in Summer

It is very important to keep your body hydrated in summer because our bodies sweat a lot to keep itself cool in the scorching heat. Hence, we need to drink plenty of water to keep our body hydrated. Our body is made of mostly water and more than 70% of a human body is filled with water. Water is an essential source for our life. Sweating in summer is very natural and it can remove the toxins from our body.

But if you find the following signs or symptoms then you must consult a doctor. Dark yellowish urine, lack of sweating, dry skin and dizziness, and increased speed of heart rate can be dangerous, and these are the primary signs of dehydration. In this case, you need to drink plenty of water, and you can consult your doctor for the further treatment, and if possible your personal trainer London.

Here, you can find some reasons for staying hydrated in summer:

  1. Dehydration can make your muscle fatigue and makes it difficult to do exercises or any other work. You need to drink plenty of water to keep your systems from dehydrating. It will remove the metabolic waste from your body and help you to regulate your body temperature. So, you can spend more time in your gym or personal training and achieve your fitness goals faster.
  1. Dehydration can also cause heart diseases like stroke because dehydration reduces your blood circulation level and blocks the oxygen supply to circulate inside your heart. Hence, you can feel breathless in summer when you walk or climb upstairs. So, keep your body hydrated in summer.
  1. After every meal, when the digestion process starts in our system, a lot of heat is released. If you do your exercises in summer especially in the afternoon, you will feel overheated and find it difficult to sustain your energy for longer period of time. Your body will regulate the temperature through sweating and excessive sweating during exercise can make you dehydrated. In this case, you can take some electrolyte drinks to cover up the mineral loss and also try to work out either in the morning or evening. After your workout, you can take a bath in cool shower and do not use warm water in summer because it will increase your body temperature further.
  1. You need to drink adequate amounts of liquid in summer because it will help you to digest your foods. You can suffer from constipation and other digestion related problems due to lack of fluid in your body. If you have any issue related to your digestion then you can suffer from low immunity, which will lead to serious health issues. To avoid such problems, you must drink water at least half an hour before of meals. To maintain the fluid level of your body in summer, you can eat some fresh fruits and fresh vegetables with high water content like tomatoes, watermelons, cucumbers, orange, melon etc.
  1. If you feel like your mouth and/or your throat becomes dry, it is important to consume any liquid either water or fresh juice. It is not advisable to keep yourself thirsty for longer duration of time as it can have adverse effects on the body. During summer season you carry your own water bottle and if you feel too bored to consume plain water then you can add in natural flavours to make it tasty, says personal trainer London.
  1. Do you know that you cannot concentrate on your work due to dehydration? It can disturb your mental health and you cannot focus on your work. Basically, due to lack of fluid, oxygen cannot reach your brain and it will slow down the blood circulation. As a result, you can suffer from memory loss in summer or feel light headed or dizzy.
  1. In summer, you can suffer from various skin related problems, like sunburn, skin damage and heat rashes. Your skin can lose its elasticity die to dehydration and you can suffer from dry skin in summer. You keep your skin too hydrated by applying fresh Aloe Vera or any water based creams or lotions.


These tips have been recommended by some of the best certified and professional personal trainers, in particular personal trainer London. You can any time get in touch with the nearest trainer in your neighbourhood and get some more health tips on how to keep yourself hydrated in summers.

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