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7 Reasons You May Need Physiotherapy


Physical therapy helps people of all ages recover movement, grow stronger and manage pain after injury, disability or illness. They also help encourage proper physical development and coordination. All of this physio work takes place through manual therapy, exercise, advice and patient education. Your physiotherapist helps you get back to a normal routine, return to work, improve productivity and function better throughout daily life.

What Physiotherapists Do

Physiotherapy works well for a wide array of conditions. It employs a whole-person approach to wellness to enable a healthy and active lifestyle. Of course, patients play a big role in the success of this therapy. It is important you learn, develop awareness, empower yourself and participate in your physio. This treatment can help you whether you experience back pain, injury, asthma, pregnancy or sports-related pain. Exercises and other methods also prove beneficial for people with illnesses, developmental disabilities, age-related changes, poor movement, reduced strength or post-surgical needs.

Below are seven reasons you may need physiotherapy…

Poor Coordination and Balance

Physiotherapy helps people who struggle with balance and coordination issues. Working with a physiotherapist can help you avoid falls and move more easily. They help you recover or develop coordination and deal with problems related to balance.

Enduring Pain

Millions of people must endure pain as part of their daily lives. This makes normal functioning a struggle and even debilitating for many. But you can decrease the amount of pain or discomfort you experience each day by building strength and increasing mobility. The pain they treat includes back pain, neck pain and other muscle pain caused by muscular weakness.

Body Motion Problems

Your whole body's movement can change due to one injury. Whether you suffered a bone fracture, torn ligaments or just flexibility problems, it is essential to help your body recover and build strength. Your physiotherapist helps you regain mobility and strengthen supportive tissues through planned exercises on a regular schedule.

Sleep Problems

Many people experience insomnia. This sleeplessness or sleep pattern disruption can occur for several reasons. Lack of sleep also affects your daily functioning. If your sleep problems occur because of back pain or other physical discomforts, your physiotherapist can help. They help you improve your posture, build core strength and manage pain for a restful night's sleep.

Past Injuries

If you suffered injuries in your past, it could haunt you long after recovery through flare-ups and residual pain or tightness. If you have an old injury causing pain or other physical problems, a physiotherapist will help. Looking for someone like a Sport physio surrey could be beneficial to a sports-related injury as they will be able to give you more specific recovery advice. The focus of these treatments is typically on improving movement and building strength and reducing inflammation.

Neurological Issues

After a traumatic brain injury or stroke, physiotherapy provides the pathway to mobility, balance and coordination. Your physiotherapist helps you rebuild your strength and reconnect with your body for movement and strength through planned movements.

Other Pain or Weakness

If you experience weakness or pain in a specific part of your body, your physio helps. Pain is not always related to injury, surgery or other trauma. But your therapist can help you understand the problem and how to work through and manage it, if not relieving it altogether.


See a Physiotherapist for Improved Mobility and Strength

Almost anyone who experiences movement-related developmental problems, injury or illness can benefit from a physiotherapist. Through this treatment, you start improving your body's capabilities, coordination, strength and balance. That certainly beats the alternative of waiting for a slower recovery or even allowing your problems to grow worse. Physiotherapy focuses on your muscles and joints, two of the supportive and mobility-related structures of your body. In turn, strengthening these parts also improves the support of your bones. Schedule your visit with a physiotherapist today.

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