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Reasons Why You Should Go Camping

We live in a time where money rules the world. Working day after day, without taking some break is not healthy at all, especially when we can’t take time to relax and unwind as we want.

When is the last time you have been on a vacation? When did you invite friends to go somewhere new? How about going camping when you will have time off?

Camping is a popular outdoor activity that has plenty of benefits for you so take a look at why you should book your next vacation in nature.

Camping benefits that count

Here are the practical reasons why you should choose camping as your next activity in your free time when you want to relax and do things that you didn’t have time to do.

Breathing fresh air

Do you live in a city? We know how much smog can big city produce and how it affects us. According to, smog can irritate your eyes, throat, and nose and cause health issues and even diseases if you are exposed to smog in a long run.

If you leave the home city and go camping in the forest you will do much good for your lungs and body. I recommend going in nature at least once a week to allow your body to recuperate from the poison that a city produces.


Exploring new places and trails

Choose a camping destination that you have never been to before. Hiking and exploring a new area in the forest or park will result in calmness and curiosity about what is around the corner. As you walk you might find a hidden gem that will positively surprise you and make you want to stay.

It is the truth that nature and its greenery calm us so don’t think twice when have to decide if you will go to a hotel or spend nights in a weatherproof tent.

Time to get your body moving

Camping is wonderful as you will have to do some activities to move your blood flow and speed up your heart rate. As you explore, gather, and chop the firewood to make a campfire, cook, and do other activities around the camp you will do a good cardio activity that you didn’t have time for when being at home.

Learn survival skills

Do you know how to make a fire? How about catching some fish from the nearest river for a lunch? Do you know which fruits and plants you can eat if you find them while foraging? How would you purify water from the river or a creek if you stay without bottled water?

All these activities can be learned while you camp. If you want to learn some of these skills I advise that you take a good survival book and take it with you as it will help you.

It is important to know how to set fire (even with the wet wood), which plants are poisonous and how to make a knot for trapping an animal for survival, as you never know when you will need these skills.

Perfect opportunity to bond

When did you go somewhere new with your friends or should I ask when did you invite them to nature instead of taking them to the bar? Do you have teenagers in the family who you didn’t have a chance to talk to?

Camping is a great opportunity to bond with the people you love as you will be in a relaxing environment and have time to bond while doing camp activities. If you won’t take video games and other gadgets along you will have a perfect opportunity to talk to your kids and know what is happening in their lives.

Forget about the stress

Work obligations and taking care of the family can make your energy levels depleted. Camping can fill those empty spots with energy and joy as you will finally have time for yourself and the activities that you wanted to do for a long time.

Do you have a book by a famous author who you really want to read? This is the right time that you take it and read it in peace. What else inspires you? Do you like to knit or draw? As we hardly find any free time for such actions while staying in at home now you have a chance to unwind and do what your heart desires.


Better sleep

As we are surrounded by computers and other devices that produce blue light our sleeping isn’t optimal and we can face sleeping disorders. Blue light makes melatonin suppressed so it can cause insomnia or other sleeping issues.

Staying and sleeping in nature is natural as you will be exposed to a yellow light that is friendly to melatonin that helps you sleep and wake up when the sun starts to rise in the morning.

Let camping become your favorite relaxation habit

Camping doesn’t need to be expensive to relax and to do what you like when you have free time. You can invest in camping equipment like a weatherproof tent, chair, and other stuff and relax when you have free time. I inspire you to make camping your favorite habit that will give you energy and will to overcome life burdens.

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